Agalmatophilia Meaning, Definition, Psychology, Causes, Treatment

Agalmatophilia is a psychological condition in which person get attracted towards nude statue, doll, mannequin or other objects with proper figure. This attraction is not ordinary but sexual attraction. Agalmatophilia is a Greek name in which agalma means statue and philia means love. In this condition, patient is sexually attracted towards a nude sculpture or statue with a defined figure, and try to have a sexual activity with it. Person desire to touch sensually to statue and try to perform sexual activity. Sometimes, person desire and have a fantasy of sexual intercourse with the nude statue.

Person love to watch encounter between such statue. Patient fantasize the transformation of someone else into the desired object or transform himself into the desired object. Agalmatophilia closely resembles or more severe from a condition named pygmalionism. In pygmalionism person is in extreme love with his own hand made object. Basically Agalmatophilia is common in fetishists where they transform their sex partner into an appearance like plastic statue or sculpture by dressing his partner with a dress made of latex. Person orders his partner dressed in latex dress to be immobilize or stay still to copy the desired object so that he can perform any sexual activity.

Agalmatophilia Meaning, Definition, Psychology, Causes, Treatment

Agalmatophilia Psychology

As Agalmatophilia is a psychology related condition in which patient is sexually attracted towards a statue or sculpture. Most of the time, statue is nude or person assume it nude and carve to have some sexual activity with that object. Sometimes person fantasize the nude statue and try to have some sexual activity as it will make patient calm and relaxing. He find it more comfortable as compare to have sex with human. In a relationship, person tries to get dress like a statue or want his partner to dress like it to fulfil his desire.

Agalmatophilia Causes

There is not any exact cause behind Agalmatophilia, because it is related to human psyche. Person have it in his mind from childhood. In childhood, patient is attracted towards the toys having a definite shape of figure like dolls and love to play with it. But with the passage of time, he tries to get close to it and consider it as his sex partner. In adulthood, this condition becomes severe and patient is devotional towards such kind of activities. But in adulthood, he tries to make it confidential and perform such activities privately and alone.

Agalmatophilia Treatment

Basically Agalmatophilia is not a disease or disorder so there is not any definite treatment for it. There is not any medication therapy but some counseling therapy is effective. A family member which may be parent guardian, life partner or a close friend may help patient to get out of this psychological condition. Some central nervous system depressants or relaxants are prescribed to make patient relax and think less about this. Patient himself can try to be busy most of time to avoid thinking about such type of activity. Attending regular counseling sessions are also of great help.
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