Daith piercing - Migraine, Jewelry, Healing, Pain, Cost, Aftercare

Daith piercing is a kind of body piercing which is performed on innermost cartilage fold of ear. This innermost cartilage fold is the crus of helix. Piercing is a type of modification of body in which a cut or a small hole is made to carry jewelry. It is common in females but men are also taking interest in daith piercing for the sake of fashion. Daith piercing is a difficult task because it is located at a very difficult and curvy place. It is hard to pass needle straight through this curvy cartilage fold. Captive bead rings are Commonly Used As Jewelry.

Daith piercing - Migraine, Jewelry, Healing, Pain, Cost, Aftercare

Daith Piercing For Migraine

Daith piercing for migraine is a hot topic under discussion from last two years. Migraine is a genetic neurological disease which cannot be cured. There is no treatment for migraine till now. Some people now a days find relief from migraine by daith piercing. But there is no logic discovered behind this belief. People are getting attracted towards daith piercing as a cure to migraine and some are getting it. It is believed that innermost cartilage fold of ear is somehow involved in relieving stress and its massage relaxes body and mind.

Daith Piercing For Anxiety

As discussed above, innermost cartilage fold of ear is involved in relieving stress to some extent. Headache due to anxiety is most common now a days and routine activities like eating, talking and excessive noise are intriguing headache. When medication therapy and physical therapy along with lifestyle modifications failed to cure anxiety and headache (occurring due to anxiety), then patient go for daith piercing for relief. It is a psychological matter that patient feel relaxed after daith piercing instead of medications used for treatment. But there is no such logic in science related to relieving anxiety with daith piercing.

Daith Piercing For Weight Loss

Body piercing are of great importance regarding weight loss. Some people willingly prefer piercing for weigh loss as compare to pills containing harmful chemicals showing side effects. People also find it hard to follow exercise and diet plan. Daith piercing is very painful. But this part of ear is considered a stress point for many organs like stomach, intestine and esophagus. This innermost cartilage fold of ear is considered an appetite suppressant point which can suppress appetite and helps in weight loss. So people prefer daith piercing to stimulate weight loss by suppressing appetite.

Daith Piercing Jewelry

Daith piercing is famous now a days as treatment for migraine, anxiety and weight loss. But it is also getting great importance in fashion industry. Women prefer daith piercing to wear jewelry. Not only women, it is also becoming common in men. Selection of jewelry is according to size and thickness of cartilage. Large gauge jewelry is used after complete healing. Curved barbells and captive bead rings are in fashion now a days. Curved barbells are small in size and take less space on other hand captive beads are best to wear during healing process.

Daith Piercing Pain Level and Scales

Daith piercing is a painful process but it will hurt only for some time. People ask for making it numb before piercing needle in bony cartilage. There is a pain scale with upper limit 10. Normally people experiencing daith piercing rate pain around 5 to 6 per 10 on pain scale. People having daith piercing have to experience high level pain which may be unbearable without alcohol. Daith piercing are most painful one as compare to other body piercing.

Daith Piercing Healing Stages and Time

Healing process of daith piercing is very slow and also difficult to some extent. As daith piercing attract more dirt and germs as compare to other body piercings. So it require special attention and care to make healing process fast. Daith piercing take almost 6 weeks to heal but in majority cases people go through infection before complete healing. And this infection increases healing time of daith piercing for about 3 to 6 months. Problems appear regarding healing of daith piercing but these problems disappear after some time. Pain also reduces with time passing.

Daith Piercing Cost

Daith piercing is becoming common now a days and specific centers for daith piercing have established. These centers are piercing parlors having specific rate list. High level or reputed parlors are offering daith piercing at cost 40 $ to 100 $. This cost range is defined by considering many side factors. Its lower limit is cheap so that anyone can afford this. The reason behind its high cost is very obvious i.e. it is a very difficult task to pass needle through innermost folded cartilage bone. So a professional is required for daith piercing who demands a high cost for that.

Daith Piercing Aftercare

Daith piercing is a difficult task and it requires special care regarding healing. Patient have to follow aftercare instructions provided by professional. Following these aftercare instructions may make healing process fast and complete healing can be achieved before standard time. Cleanliness is required regularly. There are some instructions regarding wearing jewelry. If daith piercing is getting clean every day then patient may go through another lobe piercing within a time period of 4 to 8 weeks and this time period extends in case of another daith piercing i.e. 3 to 12 months. After care is needed to avoid contamination and infection.

Daith Piercing Infection

During healing process there may be inflammation and redness at the site of daith piercing. Inflammation will be present along with perichondritis. Redness is most common symptom regarding infection in healing process. Swelling of ear lobe may accompany redness due to infection. Infection may occur due to dirt and germs as it attracts them more as compare to other body piercing. Proper care is needed to avoid spreading of infection. Sometimes infection get severe and pus start oozing out of wound along with severe irritation and pain. Patient should avoid wearing jewelry and should not touch wound excessively.

How To Clean A Daith Piercing

There are some instructions regarding how to clean daith piercing site.

  • Prepare a saline solution or salt solution (by adding salt in to water) and dip a cotton ball into it. Then press this on piercing every day.
  • A mild soap can be used to clean daith piercing regularly.
  • Paper towel is required to tap dry the wound.
  • Ear wax should be cleaned every day to avoid its contact with wound.
  • Piercing should be protected from contact with shampoo, lotions and perfumes.
  • Earphones and use of ear bud should be completely prohibited to avoid pain.
  • Wear hat and scarves with great care.

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