What is Ptyalism - Definiton, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Ptyalism is simply the excessive production of saliva. It is often linked to pregnancy symptoms. Pregnant women that are suffering from morning sickness and nausea are mostly the ones that usually suffer from this kind of problem.

It is more common in women that are within their 12 weeks of their pregnancy. Majority of the medical professionals are still of idea that this condition is occurred is nauseated women being unable to swallow usual amount of saliva produced in the body but it does not mean that there is increase in the amount of saliva produced in the body of pregnant women.

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Ptyalism Definition

Ptyalism also known as hypersalivation or sialorrhea is defined as the abnormal saliva production in the body. This has equally been defined in many ways including as the increase in the amount of saliva production. This condition is mostly common among women with morning sickness or have vomiting and nausea. During nausea saliva produce excessively that becomes difficult to manage and patient may feel hyper salivation or ptyalism.

What is Ptyalism - Definiton, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Ptyalism Symptoms

The primary symptom of this condition is excessive and uncontrollable spitting. Women at their 12th week of pregnancy usually experience this kind of inability to swallow saliva which usually results to spitting here and there.

Nausea is another symptom of this problem and it normally develops before vomiting. In that regard, when you begin to feel as if you are not able to swallow the saliva in your mouth or you experience increase in saliva production, then you should suspect this abnormality.

Ptyalism Causes

There are several things that recorded to be the cause of this problem but the major or primary cause is pregnancy. Nauseated women with morning sickness usually experience this hyper salivation. Also, this abnormality is known to be related to heartburn common among pregnant women.

The stomach content is acidic and they can easily cause irritation on your esophagus when backed up. That usually results to burning sensation similar to what the heartburn patient experience. More so, the acid in your stomach induces the esophageal activity resulting to trigger in the saliva production.

Ptyalism Treatment

Avoidance of underlying causes of hyper salivation is mainly the effective way to get rid of from such problems rather than to seek medical interventions.

Patient may experience drying effect while making use of mouth wash or even brushing regularly. The symptomatic management in palliative setting is usually with anticholinergics together with other drugs that and decrease saliva production. Some of the drugs used in the treatment of this condition include: atropine, scopolamine, hycoscine,etc.
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