What is Brachioradial Pruritus - Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

The Brachioradial pruritus (BRP) is a medical condition typified by burning, itching and other skin sensations on either one or both of the arms. This condition does not cause physical skin damage unless patient himself/herself causes robbing or scratching to the skin. Nerve damage may also be involved in this condition.

It is also believed that it occurs as a result of nerve damage caused by excessive exposure to the sun. In that regard, the outer part of arm is known to be more exposed to the sun and therefore is mostly affected with this condition than the inner part of the arm.

  • Brachioradial Pruritus Definition
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Brachioradial Pruritus Definition

It is defined as a health condition  where burning, itching, tingling, tinging and change in the sensations experienced on some areas of the skin either on one or the both arms.In some cases, patient may feel numbness.

People with this condition normally experience discomfort in itching that will make them to constantly scratch on their body resulting in to injury on skin. The main cause of  is not known, but it is proposed that it has some connection with nervous system. Cervical spine disease may be an important contributing factor.

What is Brachioradial Pruritus - Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Brachioradial Pruritus Symptoms

There are about 7 obvious signs and symptoms of this skin disorder which you need to always look out before suspecting the presence of this disease.

These symptoms include:
•    Skin Redness as a result of constant robbing and scratching
•    Itching sensation on the skin
•    Burning sensation on the skin
•    Skin bruising due to scratching
•    Increased pigmentation on the skin
•    Scars on the skin
•    Skin bleeding caused by injuries due to

Brachioradial Pruritus Causes

Sensory problem is one of the major causes of  brachioradial pruritus due to some functional or stractural change in the nervous system. Spinal disease may also be the cause of brachioradial pruritus. Sun damage is another major cause of this skin disorder. In most cases regular scratching of the skin in this disorder makes the condition more critical and requires proper medical intervention.

Brachioradial Pruritus Treatment

Those suffering from brachioradial pruritus need understanding and sympathy. They always happy when told that there is treatment for them and that they have well defined entity. To decrease the severity of disease, ice pack is usually helpful. In some patients cervical spine manipulation is known to be efficacious. Another helpful intervention is cutaneous filed stimulation.

Acupuncture is also claimed to be effective in this condition Almost all kind of medical approaches to treat such disorders requires long term adherence and compliance.
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