What is Carpopedal Spasm - Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

The Carpopedal spasm is simply an extreme painful cramps mostly experienced on the hand and feet muscles. There are so many causes to this problem and one of them is low calcium levels in the blood. It is also the problem that comes as a result of an infection known as tetanus.

When deep cut on the body is allowed to be infected with bacteria, tetanus is always the end result. This bacterial infection can cause severe pain and muscle stiffness. For that reason, there is always need for urgent and immediate action when tetanus like infection is suspected.

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Carpopedal Spasm Definition

Carpopedal Spasm is said to be an involuntary sudden vibration, and muscular contraction of both, or either of the hands and feet, fingers and toes. It is also defined as a medical term used to describe, sudden and involuntary muscle contraction.

The contraction is usually on the muscles of the thumb, feet, fingers, toes and the hand. This sudden contraction of all muscles can really be painful in case of extreme stiffness. Moreover, this condition may lead to an emergency if patient feels seizure like conditions.

What is Carpopedal Spasm - Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Carpopedal Spasm Symptoms

The Carpopedal Spasm shares most similar symptoms in common with other muscular contractions, but in most case the spasm of the carpopedal is more common among other forms of muscle sudden and vibrant contractions. Other symptoms of this disorder include:

•    Sharp pains on the body as if one is pitched with sharp needle
•    Uncontrolled and unexpected painful cramps of the hands, fingers, feet, toes, joints of the wrist and ankles.
•    Numbness, fatigue and weak muscles mostly when there is blood obstruction for a longer period of time.

Carpopedal Spasm Causes

There are several factors known to cause carpopedal spasm some of which as mentioned below

•    Dehydration or loss of electrolyte in the body.
•    Peripheral nerves injuries.
•    Low level of calcium in the blood which can result to a tetany like situation.
•    In some cases, this condition is caused by intake of some prescription drugs.
•    Alkalosis, hyperventilation and hypothyroidism are also known to cause carpopedal spasm of fingers and toes.
•    Also, lack of vitamin D in the body may triggers such uncontrollable and involuntary muscle contraction.

Carpopedal Spasm Treatment

To treat carpopedal spasm it is better to identify the exact root cause before starting treatment.e.g if the underlying cause is low serum calcium level then patient must increase the supplemental intake of calcium either in oral dosage form or parentral dosage form.

Similarly, if it occurs due to low level of electrolytes then oral re-hydration solution should be the medicine of choice. It is also proposed that low level of viatmin D may also be the casue of carpopedal spasm.
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