Lymphocele on Penile shaft & groin Pictures, Treatment, Diagnosis

Getting afraid is natural if someone sees abnormal lumps developing on the penis. This condition is technically called Lymphocele. Further details about this disorder are given here. It is a disorder that develops hard lumps on the upper surface of penis. For the sexually active males, this condition is really alarming. There is no need to be worried about these lumps because these are associated with benign lymphocele.

According to the experts, lymphocele is harmless and it appears in the males (aged between 20 to 40 years). This condition can be experienced normally after masturbation or an intercourse with a female. In most of the cases, the patients can judge the presence of this disorder when they see horizontal or vertical swelling on the penis shaft. Lymphocele can be present in any part of the body such as abdomen, pelvis region or skin.

Abnormal buildup of lymphatic fluids in any part of the body is called lymphocele. Cavities or sacs are equipped with special epithelial lining. This condition is not matched with cyst because of the liquid accumulation. In humans, additional lymphatic channels are present with a specialized duct which helps to regulate and circulate the lymph fluids in the system. Size of the accumulation may vary in different patients. Little accumulation of lymph doesn’t create symptoms. Appearance of symptoms depends on the quantity of lymph present inside the sacs.

Lymphocele Pictures/Images

Lymphocele on Penile shaft & groin Pictures, Treatment, Diagnosis
Lymphocele on Penile shaft

Lymphocele on Penile shaft & groin Pictures, Treatment, Diagnosis
Lymphocele on groin area

Lymphocele on Penile shaft & groin Pictures, Treatment, Diagnosis
Lymphocele on Penile shaft & groin Pictures

Lymphocele Symptoms

In most of the cases, this problem is considered a complication usually after any surgical process. This problem appears after surgical procedures in varying sizes. Small lumps remain hidden but large lumps show the clear symptoms.
  • A patient with lymphocele in abdomen may experience bloating and pain.
  • It can create pressure or stress over large intestine promoting constipation.
  • Irritation in bladder is another symptom. It happens if lymphocele is present in the pelvis region.
  • Swelling in both legs is also common.
  • Skin discoloration happens due to lymphocele on skin.

Lymphocele Causes

As mentioned above, the lymphocele is associated with surgical procedures. It is believed that it appears if lymph channels or glands are damaged during the operations. Experts also believe that these damages promote the lymph fluids leaking in the body causing swelling and other infections. Following causes are important to notice in case of lymphocele.
  • Pelvic surgery: This disorder usually develops right after a radical hysterectomy. This method is utilized to remove the uterus in case of ovarian cancer or large fibroid. In males, it may develop after prostate removal.
  • Thoracic surgery: Medical surgeries with mediastinal organs and lungs may cause lymphocele. Lymphatic channels present in the chest may assist in development of this disorder especially if damaged during surgical procedures.
  • Kidney transplant: Development of severe lymphocele is common in kidney transplants. Surgeons must take precautions to avoid this condition.

Lymphocele Treatment

Normally, doctors utilize a surgical procedure to insert a small tube to drain the fluids. However, it is not a guaranteed option. Moreover, treatment approaches depends on size of lymphocele. If it is small in size then you health care provider may prescribe you some anti-inflammtory drugs to relieve pain and further development but in case it is large then surgical intervention must be required because it may disturb normal physiological functions of reproductive system.
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