What is Mastodynia - Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Mastodynia is a type of disease in which the patient can feel intense pain in the breast region. It is commonly known as the breast pain. Patient having breast pain may also have the tenderness, due to the tenderness of the breast; there can be other complications as well.

Commonly such type of the pain is normally synchronized with the menstrual cycle. The pain can be cyclic and the non-cyclic. There are various other factors that can directly be associated with the breast pain. Injury can be one of the reasons for the breast pain. Both male and the females can have the same problem.

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Mastodynia Definition

Mastodynia is a Greek word that actually refers to the breast pain. The tenderness in the breast can be referred to the same problem. Breast pain is itself considered as one of the greatest symptoms that can identify the disease.

This problem is quite common in females but males can also have the problem. There are very rare chances that the males having the same kind of the problem. The pain in the breast can be mild to severe. It depends upon the condition of the patient and the reason behind the pain. The breast pain can last longer if not treated properly.

What is Mastodynia - Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Mastodynia Symptoms

The Mastodynia Symptoms are quite clear. In most of the cases, it is found that the pain comes with the menstrual cycle. Another symptom that can be quite clear is the tenderness of the breast. A patient suffering from the breast pain may have the burning pain in the breast, it does not end here, and the breast may feel heavier than normal. Swelling and increase in the size of the breast can be a clear indication that can represent the issue like the breast pain. The patients having the breast pain can also have a mild pain in under arms. The pain can gradually increase with the passage of time.

Mastodynia Causes

There are some major causes of Mastodynia. As the problem is quite common in females, menstruation can be a major cause. Females having pregnancy at the young age may have to face such type of problem. Feeding can trigger the same issue as well. There are some fibrocystic changes that may cause breast tenderness. Females having mastitis also complain about the breast pain and the tenderness. There is a common type of the syndrome called Premenstrual syndrome (PMS), due to this syndrome there may be pain in the breast. Large intake of alcohol can also cause mild pain in the breast.

Mastodynia Treatment

There are various treatments that are suggested to the patient suffering from the breast tenderness and the pain. There are pain killers that can be suggested to the patients. Diet intake has a major role in breast pain and tenderness, the change in the diet plan can be one of the ways to treat the pain. There are some drugs that can help patients having breast pain.

These drugs are danazol; bromocriptine and tamoxifen are mostly suggested as a fine treatment to the patients. The purpose of suggesting danazol to the mastodynia patient is to improve the binding of progesterone and androgen receptors.
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