Septum Piercing - Fake, Jewelry, Pain, Price, Healing, Aftercare

Septum piercing is a nose piercing in which piercing is done on nasal septum. Nasal septum divides nose vertically into two equal parts named left and right nostrils. Needle is entered from right side nostril through septum (thin piece of flesh with cartilage bone) and picked out from left side nostril. The fleshy part present on front side of nose is known as columella. Columella is also known as “sweet spot”. Septum piercing is also known by some other names like bull ring piercing, septril or jungle piercing. Septum piercing is an easy task to perform but it can also messed up easily.

Septum Piercing - Fake, Jewelry, Pain, Price, Healing, Aftercare

Fake Septum Piercing

Septum piercing is getting in to fashion day by day. People specially youth is having septum piercing. But some people are afraid of pain occur during septum piercing. So, they are using fake septum piercing jewelry for the sake of fashion and show off. Wearing septum jewelry with a small clip shows as if person have septum piercing. So it is a fake septum piercing which will be disappeared when person take off fake septum piercing jewelry. Now a day’s fake jewelry is easily available online and on shops making it in trend.

Septum Piercing Jewelry

Fashionable septum piercing jewelry is making septum piercing more attractive. Jewelry used now a days have a vast variety, which is selected on the basis of face cut and size of nose. Circular barbells are in fashion and are also referred as “horse shoe” because of its shape. Captive bead rings resembles circular barbells but it has one ball at end instead of two. Clickers are used rarely because it suits on less people. Clickers are rod like septum piercing jewelry. Retainers are in hit list because of its specific shape i.e. flipped up into the nostrils.

Septum Piercing Pain Level and Scales

Everyone before septum piercing ask “does it hurt?” Of course it will hurt because needle is passed through nasal septum which is followed by a metallic thick ring. Even after making nasal septum numb person can feel it piercing but with less pain. It hurts more as compare to other nose piercing. There is a pain scale with upper limit 10 and mostly people rate it 2 or 3 by 10. Patient can feel soreness for about 3 days after septum piercing. Patient have to suffer high level pain if nasal septum is not made numb before piercing.

Septum Piercing Healing Stages and Time

Septum piercing take a long time to heal completely. After piercing, when numbness of septum eliminates, pain starts and it’s the most tender and painful part of healing. This pain exist for about 1 to 3 weeks and then pain gradually start disappearing. But septum piercing is completely healed in around 6 to 8 months. This long time healing is due to some factors related to nose physiology. Person is allowed to change his septum piercing jewelry after 6 to 8 weeks and this can be done without pain. Septum piercing pass from various healing stages (as various layers involved) to get complete healing.

Septum Piercing Cost

Septum piercing is an easy task but it requires a professional to do it neatly and infection free. People should avoid low cost piercing parlors as they do not guarantee hygienic septum piercing. Person should pay a little more instead of compromising his health at low cost. Normally septum piercing is performed at a cost around 15 $ to 40 $. This is the fee of a professional piercer with professional skills. But people should visit their surrounding parlors to check cost difference. 30 $ is average cost that a person have to pay for septum piercing.

Septum Piercing Aftercare

Septum piercing have to go through long time for complete healing so, its care is necessary to avoid any kind of infection. As cut or hole is made inside the nose on septum cartilage so there are more chances of contamination with dust due to breathing phenomenon. So septum piercing should be washed everyday with salt solution (salt added in water). Some saline solutions are also available online to wash septum piercing. A clean tissue paper is required to tap dry the wound. If some kind of pale yellow or green colored discharge occur, it is an indication of an infection. So antibiotics are needed.

Septum Piercing Men and Women

Septum piercing is not only common in women but men are also attracted to it. Septum piercing in men is becoming popular day by day. There is a high proportion of women having septum piercing as compare to men. It is common in feminine men. Women and men are doing it for the sake of fashion. Men and women are not only interested in septum piercing but are also showing interest in eyebrow piercing, lip piercing, ear piercing and nipple piercing. It is estimated that about 15 percent of men and 19 percent of women in world have septum piercing.

Crooked Septum Piercing

Crooked septum piercing is a wrong piercing or piercing not go well. Crooked septum piercing may occur due to inappropriate technique or due to an untrained professional. There are 2 percent of cases with nose piercing show crooked septum piercing. Sometimes it is believed that it is not the technique but a crooked septum behind crooked septum piercing. In crooked septum piercing, jewelry wore by person is winged towards one side that may be left side nostril or right side nostril. It is clearly visible on person face and jewelry prominent it.

Cute Septum Piercing

Septum piercing looks cool but it looks cute too. Well it does not suits everyone but some specific person with a proper face cut or size of nose. It looks cute on small pointed nose with long face cut. On round face and thick nose it will not be much appealing. Wearing beautiful jewelry makes it more attractive and cute. Some people do it to get some looks. Person always ask a partner or professional to select right type of jewelry according to his face beauty.

Double Septum Piercing

Septum piercing is common but double septum piercing is rare and is only preferred by the extremists. People do it for looks. In double septum piercing, another cut or hole is made on nasal septum after complete healing of 1st septum piercing. Person can wear jewelry in both piercing and should consult piercer in selecting jewelry because section of jewelry is difficult in double septum piercing. And person also consults piercer whether 2nd piercing suits her/ him or not. Well it’s all about trending fashion, people do whatever is in trend.

Septum Piercing Retainers

Septum piercing retainers is a type of jewelry which is preferred above other types. Retainers are of great importance because of its specific shape. It is specially designed to flip up into the nostrils. Retainers can grab and hold tightly inside of nose to be fixed. Retainers do not fall off easily but other types of jewelry do i.e. circular barbells. Retainers are available in two different shapes i.e. staple shaped and curved shape. Curved shape of retainers is more common in use. Retainers not only hold septum but it has a fashionable appearance that’s why it is preferred.

Septum Piercing Sizes

Septum piercing size is decided on person demand. Normally piercer starts with size of 16 gauge but this size can be increased on person demand. If person likes it small at starting, it should be pierced with 14 gauge needle but if person likes it big later, then cut can be made big by stretching it, but this can only occur if anatomy of nose allow it. Average lengths are 3 by 8 inch, 7 by 16 inch, 1 by 2 inch and 5 by 8 inch. These length can be achieved with 14 gauge size.

How To Clean Septum Piercing

Cleanliness is required after piercing is performed. Person have to clean the wound with salt water (salt added in water) daily. This helps in healing. Salt water is prepared by adding 1 table spoon of salt (not sea salt) is added in 1 cup of water. Then should clean wound with this water.

  • Mild soap can be used to clean surroundings.
  • Some ready to use saline solutions are also available to clean septum piercing.
  • A clean tissue to towel is required to tap dry septum piercing after every wash.
  • If doctor have prescribed any ointment or cream, it should be used daily after every wash.
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