Egophony - Test, Positive, Causes, Uses | Egophony vs Bronchophony

The term “Egophony” in health industry refers to an infection in lungs and breathing system. Basically, the most people have been suffering from this disorder for a long time, but they don’t know accurately what is Egophony. Anyways, if this critical breathing disorder is not treated properly then it may lead to some chronic and lasting disorders like asthma attacks and lungs disability during the breathing process. At the moment, the medical definition of egophony states that it is the addition or louder resonance of vocal or voice sound during the breathing phenomenon. Generally, there will be a little or great change in resonance of voice, but there will be no change in volume or pitch of the voice.

Sometimes, the people having egophony try to deliver lower frequency sounds, but due to this disorder, it becomes higher frequency sound without any willingness or effort. This is due to the egophony that causes such variations and quick optimization in the resonance of vocal voices. However, when you are reading what is egophony, effects, causes, signs and treatments, you must consider the further harms and risks of this disorder. Usually, the most people over the age of 40 often have egophony due to the consumption of alcohol, addiction to drugs and smoking tobacco.

Egophony - Test, Positive, Causes, Uses  Egophony vs Bronchophony

Egophony Test

When you are going for the checkup of egophony, then you will have no need to prepare for it as this will be a general and very ordinary testing type. Usually, the doctors use Stethoscope for the egophony test that is enough to declare egophony. However, in some critical situations, the doctors use some other equipment, accessories and testing methods to make sure the egophony as well as differentiate asthma and egophony in the patients. In the current, the doctors usually place their stethoscope at the back of a patient exactly at opposite side of the breathing organ or pipe and the lungs. Now, the doctor will ask the patient to pronounce some English letters like the vowels.

Egophony Test Positive

The doctors take complete examine of the breathing system, lungs movement and vocal sound of the patients during stethoscope checkup. They generally declare one of the possible results right after completing the test or checkup. Usually, there are three main possibilities when the doctors conduct a detailed and comprehensive stethoscope test of egophony in patients. They may have any of the following results.

  • Egophony test positive that means there is a bit or more consolidation of lung tissues and as a result of this, there will be egophony.
  • There is no egophony or egophony negative during the test and no consolidation of lung tissue exists.
  • It seems there is a consolidation of lung tissues and existence of egophony, but it is the false positive.

Egophony Causes

There are a number of common and ordinary causes of egophony in the patients, but the doctors declare only few egophony causes that are enough to confirm this disorder in a patient. Usually, the main causes of egophony may be a consolidation of lung tissues, the rise in the level of pleural effusion, Pneumonia, Fibrosis and Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis. There are many critical reasons behind happening these causes and finally the Egophony. Usually, regular intake of cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, medicines and health supplements that cause breathing problems and egophony. Generally, many suitable and right medicines, supplements and treatments are available to cure egophony fast.

Egophony vs Bronchophony

Whenever you set a comparison between the Bronchophony and Egophony, then you will come to know both disorders a bit similar as well as different. Usually, Egophony is the only change in resonance, while pitch and volume of sound don’t change while being produced. Secondly, the Bronchophony is the abnormal transmission of the sound that is produced either by lungs or passed through Bronchi. There are also similarities in cases, signs, and tests of both disorders. Egophony is more serious and critical with compared to Bronchophony as it may affect the tissues and cells of the lungs. However, the quick diagnoses and right treatments are compulsory in both the disorders.

Egophony Uses

Egophony is important non-invasive technique to find out any problem inside lungs. Test often comes positive in case of lungs consolidation or fibrosis of lungs. Further diagnosis must be done because relying on egophony sometime provide false positive results.  
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