Glossoptosis Pictures, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Facial deformities are considered dangerous for the personality. It is believed that most of the facial deformities are result of genetic factors. It is necessary to study the Glossoptosis because it creates dangerous outcomes for the patients.

Glossoptosis is a disorder related to facial abnormalities. It is commonly called Pierre Robin Syndrome. This syndrome or sequence has been reported worldwide. The main reason why this syndrome received more attention is lack of treatments. Yes, it is difficult to treat the disorder especially if it was associated with genetics.

According to the medical experts, most of the patients of this disorder have been found with genetic issues. Babies having developmental issues usually get the facial abnormalities. The level of abnormality is difficult to estimate especially before the birth. In most of the cases, the physicians recommend the parents to go for checkups if they have family history of such genetic disorders.

It is recommended to use the ultrasonic rays to determine the level of Glossoptosis in the growing babies. This can be done easily by taking regular data. On the other hand, there are reports that this disorder could develop even after the birth. Patients receiving the issue after the birth are diagnosed with the help of hormone tests. It is believed that hormonal imbalance is the biggest cause of Glossoptosis.

Modern day science has developed a protocol to treat the Glossoptosis. The treatment usually involves use of breathing, feeding and providing sufficient nutrients to avoid the hormonal imbalance. It would be great to check the babies for this disorder right after the birth. This allows the doctors to diagnose and plan a treatment. It is easy to control the issue in early days. Lack of information or diagnosis may result in severe conditions.

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Glossoptosis Pictures, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Glossoptosis Pictures, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Glossoptosis Pictures, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Glossoptosis Symptoms

As a matter of facts, the disorder is associated with the newly born babies. It is very difficult to find symptoms of the disorder. In most of the cases, the doctors prefer to get the ultrasonic tests. This idea works when the parents have information about the genetic issues. Following symptoms are important to take actions.

  • A smaller mandible.
  • Retraction of the tongue.
  • U-shaped mouth roof.
  • Obstruction in the upper airway.
  • Incomplete closure in the cleft palate.

Glossoptosis Causes

Exact cause of the Glossoptosis is unknown up to now. However, the medical reports suggest that most of the infants with this problem have a genetic history. It is necessary to focus on the genetic records of the parents to find the cause of this disorder. This shows that it is associated with the genes.

On the other hand, it is also believed that hormonal imbalance is a big cause of facial abnormalities. There are different opinions present about this concept. However, no one is able to explain the development of Glossoptosis in the growing babies while present inside the womb.

Glossoptosis Treatment

Treatment of Glossoptosis is not so easy as it mainly occurs due to genetic defects. In some cases doctors often suggest surgeries like glossopexy, tracheostomy and palatoplasty. These surgeries are associated with complications as well. For example in case of palatoplasty airway function may become impaired or become malfunctioned. Similarly, glossopexy may also cause airway obstruction.
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