Osteosclerosis Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Osteosclerosis is the name of disorder that is primarily concerned with the ear bones. In Osteosclerosis, the patients have the high bone density. The Osteosclerosis is also called as the marble bone disease. The Osteosclerosis is a type of disease that is chronic in nature and it can affect the structure of the bones in the inner ear. The problem can be observed in the bony labyrinth. There is an inflammation in the bone tissues that can lead to the problem of Osteosclerosis. In some rare cases, the Osteosclerosis can cause the bone of the ear to have a fracture as well.

The abnormal hardening of the bones and the bones density is said to be the Osteosclerosis. In Osteosclerosis there are some changes that can be seen in the medullary portion and cortex of the bone. There is one basic kind of Osteosclerosis. The Localized Osteosclerosis can be because of various reasons.  The problem starts with the inflammation of periosteum. The periosteum is actually responsible for the coverage of the bone. There is another term used called osteitis.In such type of the problem, there is swelling found in the tissues of the bones.

Osteosclerosis Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Osteosclerosis Symptoms

The problem of Osteosclerosis can be identified with the help of symptoms. These symptoms can make the diagnosis easier for the doctor. As Osteosclerosis is a problem that is related to bones, the patient suffering from the Osteosclerosis can have hearing issues aswell. Likewise, at the initial stages, the patient might be slow in hearing and later with the passage of time, it can worse. There is a problem called tinnitus, in this problem, there is consistent ringing sound in the ears. It is one of the indications that can refer to the such issue. A patient having Osteosclerosis can feel little dizzy all the time.

Osteosclerosis causes

As far as the causes are concerned, there are multiple factors that can lead to the issue of Osteosclerosis. The Localized Osteosclerosis is a problem that can be related to family issues like the heredity. In Osteosclerosis there is a sponge-like structure developed inside the bone of the middle ear. The middle ear bone is said to be responsible for the vibration produced due to the effect of the sound. The hearing capacity is very much dependent upon the middle ear. Once there is an Osteosclerosis it can cause the hearing ability to get compromised. The problem is quite common in young adults.

Osteosclerosis Treatment

It is highly recommended that the Osteosclerosis should be treated immediately. The problem can get worse over the passage of time.

Treatment of Hearing disability associated with  Osteosclerosis

There are some medications that are suggested to the patients, like fluoride, calcium, or vitamins D are suggested to overcome the issue of hearing. Hearing aid is another alternate available for the hearing loss issues. There are some surgical treatments available as well. The ear stapes are replaced with the prosthesis. Using this method the conductive hearing loss can be managed. There is a total replacement surgery that can also be used as a treatment. Such treatment is called stapedectomy.

Treatment of bone pain 

Osteosclerosis may cause bone pain due to over densification. Pain killers like nimesulide are mainly prescribed because they safe in long term usage and does not cause any serious side effects.
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