Swollen labia Pictures, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Swollen labia are basically a problem that is related to the vaginal infection. In Swollen labia, the vaginal wall or the vaginal lips get the swelling. These lips are a vital part of the vaginal region. The problem starts with the swelling occurs around the vaginal lips (labia minora and labia majora). The chemical balance is basically disturbed in such type of the problem. Due to chemical imbalance females get swelling. Females suffering from the swollen labia get the swelling near the entrance of the vagina. The swollen labia are a type of infection that can be also be termed as the sexually transmitted disease.

The swollen labia are equally common in girls and women irrespective of the age group. The problem generally occurs due to mishandling and sometimes improper hygiene levels. In swollen labia, the swelling can cause discomfort in the vaginal region. In most of the cases, the swelling is painful and it can majorly affect the quality of the life. Due to swollen vaginal area females can have restlessness and there can be a problem with wearing trousers. The problem can get worse with the factor of friction as well. It is because the patient with swollen labia is mostly unable to stand still.

Swollen labia Pictures, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Swollen labia Pictures, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Swollen labia Symptoms

The symptoms associated with the swollen labia purely depend upon the cause. There are some common symptoms that can be observed. In most of the cases, there is a swelling observed. The swelling can be minor to sever and it depends upon the type of the issue. Along with the swelling, there can be irritation as well. The irritation can get worse if swelling left untreated. There is a huge discomfort with the swelling in the vaginal region. There are some problems while urinating. Females having swollen labia can also feel burning sensations. There might be some kind of soreness, burning and itching. Last but not the least there is a discharge problem that patient might have to face.

Swollen labia Causes

There are multiple factors that can cause swelling in the vaginal region. The swelling of the labia is majorly caused by various types of allergies. The type of allergy can vary a lot from female to female. Females having bacterial infections are highly likely to have swollen labia. Another factor is the presence of the yeast infections. These infections can also cause swelling. The swelling in the labia can be because of the intercourse. Sometimes unprotected intercourse can be one of the reasons for the swelling. There can be small cysts that can get developed, due to the cyst there can be swelling in the labia. 

Swollen labia Treatment

The swollen labia can be managed easily by having some lifestyle changes. A patient having the burning sensations and itching can use oregano oil to reduce the inflammation of the vaginal region. Yogurt can also be consumed in order to reduce the irritation. Cold compression can also be used as an effective way of reducing the inflammation. Boric acid is one of the treatments that are also applicable in such type of the situation. It is recommended that the water based lubricants are to be used during the swelling. More importantly, vitamin c should be added to the diet on the regular basis.
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