Epicanthal Folds in White People/Caucasian

Epicanthal folds are the skin folds of upper eyelid and this term Epicanthal folds is originated from mongoloid. Mongolians mean people having Epicanthal folds due to Down syndrome and Asians. Mongolian term is 1st assigned to Asians and then 2ndly to people with Down syndrome. People other than Asians when have Down syndrome, resembles Asians. Both have same facial features. Epicanthal folds are common in white people usually Latin Americans. The reason behind this specification is crossed over ancestors of American, Indian and Eskimo thousands of years ago. Basically Latin Americans commonly have Epicanthal folds. Latin Americans is not a race, but America has mixture of people of both continents. Research states that, Native Americans are more common with Epicanthal folds as compared to other populations in the world i.e. Korean, Chinese, Japanese etc. the type of Epicanthal folds in Native Americans is less prominent.

It is believed that Epicanthal folds are the sign of superiority and intelligence. Irish people also have Epicanthal folds which may be partial or whole Epicanthal folds. In addition, Scottish people have Epicanthal folds and received this trait from Irish people. In Scottish population, this trait is very rare. As Epicanthal folds is congenital condition which may develop during developmental phase of fetus during pregnancy. It may pass on to children from their parents. These are normal in new born and disappear on its own after 1 week of gestation period. But if Epicanthal folds do not disappear on their own, then there may be a leading disease behind it. “White people have Epicanthal folds” this statement was discussed and explained that Portuguese, Celtic, Spanish and Italian population have Epicanthal folds usually.

Celtic population came in to existence after mingling of Asian and Caucasian people. So it becomes a hybrid group which is formed in the mountains of caucus and Eurasian steep. This happens before migration towards west. When this hybrid group after migration made physical contact with British Gaul (population of dark people having dark eyes and hair), show Mongolian trait i.e. Epicanthal folds. Basically whites have Epicanthal folds more commonly because of inter mingling of their ancestor across the world. Caucasians are the population other than Asians. Caucasians are not common with Epicanthal folds but have forward cheek bones i.e. projecting zygomatic arches. Caucasians involve Middle East population, Anatolia, India, Europe, northern Africa, former European colonies and Russia. Caucasians do not have neutral eyes.

There is not much resemblance between Asians and Caucasians. Caucasians have a different look. This is so because ancestors of Caucasians are different from Asians and have distinct traits. They also have different qualities like emitting heat in winters and absorbing it in summers. Both Asians and Caucasians are different by facial and body features. Both of them differs in many terms and one of them is Epicanthal folds presence. So as a result, white people have Epicanthal folds but Caucasians lack them.
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