klismaphilia Photos, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Studying the special sexual behaviors and habits become interesting when it is associated with strange things. Normally, these strange things are called psychological disorders (criminal aspects or mental sickness). Klismaphilia is among the strangest disorders noticed and studied by the medical experts.

The term “klismaphilia” refers to a sexual condition in which the patient wishes to utilize enema for the pleasure or satisfaction. It is believed that use of enema is a toughest thing especially for the person who takes it. However, patient with this sexual disorders happily perform these activities for their peace of mind. Following experts are supposed to explain this condition in detail.

  • Addiction psychiatry.
  • Mental health physicians.
  • Pediatric psychiatry. 
  • Child/Teen health physicians.
  • Forensic psychiatry.

People who are looking for the best institutes or clinics to receive treatments for klismaphilia are recommended to contact with their home physician. It would be better if you find the local institutes of mental health. Search online and it will give you list of best clinics and hospitals in your area. Choosing the best physician for the treatment of this disorder depends on the experience. It is strongly recommended to focus on the experience of psychologists and mental health experts in order to receive the best treatments for quicker recovery.

Normally, the klismaphilia is treated with the help of different techniques and strategies. Medicines are not involved but a few experts recommend medicines for mental peace. These medicines directly target the nervous system as well as brain to control the hormones. Specialized hormones controlling the sexual emotions and feelings are targeted to bring the patient towards normal condition.

Klismaphilia Photos

klismaphilia Photos, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Klismaphilia Symptoms

People with sexual disorders remain hidden from the eyes of society until or unless they commit a sexual crime. In most of the cases, the victims remain silent in order to avoid further problems. It is suggested to focus on the following symptoms to identify a person with klismaphilia.

  • No attraction towards natural sex positions and routines. 
  • Men with this disorder prefer to have a partner who is underage in order to develop pressure. 
  • Women with this disorder offer their mouth, anus and vagina for the enema. 
  • Patients usually prefer to have a rough sex practice to achieve orgasm. 

Klismaphilia Causes

According to the mental health experts, there are different causes of klismaphilia. Most of the experts believe that people with migraine, stroke and epilepsy have 40 % chances of disorder development. It would be great to identify the patient’s history to understand the reasons and causes behind the disorder. It is suggested to consider the immediate counseling at any mental health institute in order to avoid the further circumstances. Following causes are considered common.

  • Adult ADHD.
  • Schizophrenia.
  • Bipolar disorder.
  • Sexual abuse in childhood.
  • Alzheimer disease.
  • Pustular psoriasis.

Klismaphilia Treatment

Treatment mainly depends upon psycho-social therapy because it is purely a psychological disorder. In psycho-social therapy, psychiatrist have number of sessions with patient and asks question related his/her personal life, regular activities, social life etc. Basic aim of psychiatrist to ask these questions is trying change the way patient thinks or feels. In some patients sedatives or tranquilizers may also be used if there is involvement of depression or psychosis.
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