Brontophobia - Definition, Test, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

As the name suggest Brontophobia is one of the types of phobia’s that can make patient fearful. A patient that is suffering from Brontophobia is afraid of thunder and lightning. Brontophobia is a word that is originated from the Greek language. Bronto means thunder and the phobia refers to the fear. There are various alternate names used for the disease, some of the names are tonitrophobia and astrapophobia. Brontophobia is also found in animals, according to the research made Brontophobia is a type of problem that can get started right from the childhood, but the problem can phase out as soon as the puberty age is reached.

A fear for thunder and lighting is called Brontophobia. It is basically a kind of disorder that causes the anxiety. The anxiety can ultimately trigger the panic attack. A person suffering from the Brontophobia can have many other complications as well. The events are closely linked with the issue because some of the events can initiate Brontophobia. A patient suffering from Brontophobia can behave strangely during the thunder and lightning. The rapid response of the patient can be awkward sometimes. The abnormal behavior can lead to other physiological issues as well. These issues can make the cases more complex in nature.

Brontophobia - Definition, Test, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Brontophobia Symptoms

 Symptoms of brontophobia are not so obvious to differentiate them easily. However, clinically reported symptoms of brontophobia are as follows

  • Anxiety
  • Panic attack in the presence of stimulus
  • Poor mental stability
  • Extreme feeling of terror
  • Palpitation during phobia attack
  • Hidiing somewhwere the lowest chance of getting attacked by thunder
  • Difficulty in sleeping during night time
  • Frequent nightmares
  • Too much sensitive

 What causes Brontophobia?

Brontophobia is more of a response than anything else. Brontophobia can be associated with the past experiences as well. These experiences can be distasteful as well. There are multiple factors that can trigger certain kinds of phobias and Brontophobia is one of them. Events in life can one of the influential factors that can cause Brontophobia. But it might not be the only reasons that can make Brontophobia develop. Series of multiple events can be one of the root causes; it is actually kind of phobia that can gradually get stronger with the passage of time. According to a research, the exact reasons for the Brontophobia are still not known.
Am I suffering from Brontophobia?

Well, there are various symptoms that can identify the issue. Like the other forms of the phobias the patient gets afraid and as a result there is extensive sweating. Patient often trembles are lot with the sound, often it is seen that the patient might not be able to control crying. Due to sudden panic attach a patient can have difficulty in breathing as well. Mostly in such type of situations, the heart rate also increases. The problem doesn’t end here; a patient suffering from Brontophobia can vomit a lot.  Patient can feel little bit of sick, there is always an obsession with the weather as well.

Brontophobia Test 

You health care provider may perform some routine test for neurological examination like plain MRI, Electronencephalography (EEG), Motor functions test etc. Purpose of all these test to rule out any other associated brain abnormality like cerebral lesions, cerebrovascular impairment, mental retardation, injury to brain or cerebral malfunctioning.

Brontophobia Treatment

There are multiple methods and the therapies that can be applied in order to cure the disease. Some of the treatments are
  • Exposure therapy
  • Calming activities
  • Counseling
  • Distraction
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
Exposure therapy is done in order to help the patient overcome the problem by exposing to a particular situation. But this therapy is mostly not preferred because it can worsen the issue. Another therapy is Cognitive-behavioral therapy in which the patients are indulged into an open discussion. The calming therapy is also used in which breathing exercises are done. Distraction is one the methods in which patients are guided about the methods of getting distraction from the fear.
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