Metoidioplasty - Pictures, Definition, Cost, Surgery, Results, Complications

Metoidioplasty is a type of process that majorly involves the surgery in which there is transformation made from female to male. Before the procedure of the surgery there is a therapy done, at the initial stages of the therapy, female patients have to undergo a replacement process. The testerone replacement is done by making the size of the clitoris bigger. In the whole process the idea is to enhance the size of the clitoris, the clitoris is actually attached to the labia minora. During the surgery the labia minora is detached from the clitoris. As soon as it is done, the next step is to cut down the suspensory ligaments.

In Metoidioplasty there are some risks and complications involved. As the whole process is based upon the surgical methodologies, there is always a risk of getting the bleeding. If the bleeding exceeds the limit it can be life threatening as well. If not properly handled there might be chances that the patient gets infections as well. One of the drawbacks is that the healing process after the surgery is too slow. The desired results sometimes may not be achieved, likewise length of the penis. There are reasonable chances that urethra might get narrowed as well. Consistent pain is also observed in some of the cases along with the loss of sensation.

The surgery is typically applied onto the individuals that are interested in having the transition from female to make. The Metoidioplasty involves various steps. These steps include the surgery and the therapy. Metoidioplasty is considered as a long term procedure than can take time to give the results. After the successful completion of the procedure the individual can have the artificial penis and the required erection. The labia minora is actually responsible for playing a role as a flap. The flap is used for the development of the artificial penis. But after the growth of the penis, the girth and the tactile can be achieved.

Metoidioplasty Pictures/Images

Metoidioplasty - Pictures, Definition, Cost, Surgery, Results, Complications

Metoidioplasty Surgery Procedure

There are some requirements that are to be fulfilled in order to go through the Metoidioplasty surgery. Physical health is of great importance when it comes to the Metoidioplasty surgery. An individual must possess a good physical health in order to brighten the chances of successful Metoidioplasty surgery. Mental health is also important because the individual must have to understand the possible negative impacts of the surgery. The surgery is advised after the puberty age and the surgery is conducted after 18 years of age. A patient must have the capacity to have the replacement therapy of testosterone because it can take at least two years to complete.

Like the other surgeries there are some prerequisites for the Metoidioplasty as well. A patient must have the patience as well. The first step involves the replacement of testerone. The replacement of the testerone is done in order to make it sure that the clitoris can grow to a required level. The length of the clitoris is between four to five centimeters. Patients have to wait in order to achieve the required length. After that anesthesia is given to make the incision in the skin that is around the clitoris. The labia minora is used by the surgeons to enlarge the clitoris.

Metoidioplasty Cost

Average estimated cost of metoidioplasty ranges between 5000$ (for clitoral release only) to 30,000$ (including urethral extension and testicular implants). Metoidioplasty cost may variate depending upon the factors like medications used pre-operative and post-operative phase, Surgeon charges, OT charges, anesthesia charges and hospital fee.

Metoidioplasty Results 

Typically, metoidioplasty result depends upon size of surgery mean simple clitoral release has higher success rate as compared to urethral extension and testicular implants. Average success rate of such kind of surgery is 60 percent. A major factor that leads towards surgery failure is development of pre-operative or post-operative complication.

Metoidioplasty Complications

Metoidioplasty is associated with following complications 
  • Delayed healing
  • Prolong recovery time
  • Surgery Failure
  • High risk of internal bleeding
  • Chances of death upon major hemorrhage
  • Chances of lower abdominal infection
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