Rhabdophobia - Pictures, Meaning, Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Diagnosis

Everyone especially kids are afraid of punishment in case of anything wrong they do. In most of the cases, it is a common practice to punish the kids as well as adults if they are found in an activity which is wrong. On the other hand, kids at school and college are given different types of punishment whenever they don’t follow the disciplines. Fear of severe punishment such as being beaten by an iron rod or wooden stick is called Rhabdophobia.

This term has become widely discussed term because of the importance and significance. This is a common type of phobia which develops in the mind of kids and sometimes in the minds of adults. According to the medical literature, an illogical or overstated fear of being beaten severely is called Rhabdophobia. Some patients also feel that they will receive paranormal punishment. The condition or feeling of a person in this phobia depends on his society and discipline.

Rhabdophobia is a medical term explaining the unnecessary fear of being beaten or punished. According to the experts, it is a disorder because it is not related to any organ failure or some kind of structural disease. People with this disorder usually try to express their feelings about punishment with iron rods, wooden sticks, and anything hard that can hit and cause pain.

This disorder is rare but it is important because of the silent nature. It is important to diagnose the rhabdophobia as early as possible for the best cure. Patients with this problem should stay away from the movies, stories and discussions about horror as well as paranormal activities.

Rhabdophobia Pictures/Images

Rhabdophobia - Pictures, Meaning, Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Rhabdophobia Symptoms

Patients with this disorder feel the following things.
  • Panic condition.
  • Paranormal activity.
  • Magical powers threatening him.
  • Fear of an iron rod.
  • Threat of severe punishment.

Rhabdophobia Causes

It is very important to study the causes of rhabdophobia in a patient. This helps the psychiatrists to identify the reasons behind the issue. Finding the real reasons helps the experts to develop treatments. It is difficult to treat a patient of rhabdophobia without studying the causes. Following are the common causes of Rhabdophobia.
  • Severe punishment in childhood.
  • Unnecessary faith in magic and paranormal activity.
  • Mentally retarded.
  • High level of alert hormones.
  • Brain disorders.
  • Neurological disorders.

Rhabdophobia Diagnosis

In order to diagnose the condition it is necessary to observe the feelings and activities of children at home. Parents are suggested to focus on the lifestyle and academic position of their kids. Also note the above mentioned symptoms for further information. Visit your family physician as soon as possible. Share this issue with him in order to get a reference to expert psychiatrist in the area.

Rhabdophobia Treatment

It is important to bring the patient to an expert psychiatrist for early diagnosis. It would be great to utilize the therapies rather than medicines. It has been noticed that therapies are more effective than medicines to cure the problem in patients of different ages.

Normally, therapies being utilized in the treatment of rhabdophobia include psycho-social therapy, exposure therapy, behavioral therapy. Exposure therapy is mainstay because in this therapy patient exposes to triggering factors and learns how to manage such panic situation like a normal person.
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