Autophagia - Pictures, Symptoms, Cases, Statistics

Autophagia is a stunning disorder or habit which the most people adopt spontaneously. In fact, it is an action in which the one eats and bites one’s own body parts. Usually, the most people do this action, but they say they don’t know anything about what is Autophagia. In fact, most of you have observed the people biting their fingers, lips and hands, while observers always consider them psychological patients. If you read this disorder in detail, then you will come across many informative details. Basically, this is a habit and is not a mental disorder. Further, in different cases, it is observed that most people having confusions, worries and frustration bite their nails, finger tips, lips and hands.

This disorder exists in the people of all ages, especially in children and teenagers. The doctors and physicians claim that patients of autophagia may experience many chronic infections and contagious disorders that will last longer. Secondly, this habit can lead the suffering people from many problems and complications. Nowadays, there are many famous and leading clinics in the world that are famous to handle autophagia cases successfully. This is true that it will be a challenging and more complicated job to treat the people having a habit of biting and eating their own body.

Autophagia Pictures:

Autophagia - Pictures, Symptoms, Cases, Statistics

Autophagia - Pictures, Symptoms, Cases, Statistics

Autophagia Symptoms:

Biting own body is the major symptom of this disorder. However, there are some other signs which you should go through thoroughly. Initially, the patients will have big cuts on hands, lips and finger tips. The patients will do this action and repeat it continuously, even they are alone and sitting with others as well. However, biting own body and nails will cause some stomach problems, breathing issues and unpleasant things. Usually, bacteria and germs will influence the growth of children due to biting own body. Further, there are also some other health problems by this type of disorder. Psychological treatments are best to cure autophagia.

Autophagia Cases:

If you go through the global health industry, then you will find autophagia as the universally famous, common and extremely observed disorder. The health experts consider this disorder just a bad habit, while the most research institutes believe this is a psychological problem with the people since their childhood. Usually, there are millions of Autophagia cases that declare this disorder very common among the people throughout the world. It is very appropriate and reasonable to claim that almost everyone in tough routine does this activity regardless willingly and unwillingly. However, the doctors and psychologists use a number of methods and treatments to treat the patients successfully.

Autophagia Statistics:

In the world, there are thousands of annual reports and surveys on autophagia, its symptoms, causes, diagnostic tests and treatments. However, it is a bit important for everyone to get familiar with Autophagia statistics. These are official records collected by direct and indirect ways. In addition, it has been estimated and practically observed that almost 7 people out of 10 have this unpleasant habit. These people do this unwillingly, but they repeat the same action several times a day. Of course, the patients always feel shyness and regret when someone mentions them when biting and eating own bodies. It is easy and convenient for the patients to terminate this habit.
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