Decidual Cast Pictures, Size, Birth control, Miscarriage

The fetus is enclosed in many layers one of them is endometrial layer, which supports the placenta within womb of the women during pregnancy. Decidua is also known as the normal uterine lining (mucous membrane), in which some characteristic changes occur due to a hormone called progesterone or estrogen during pregnancy. Whenever a part of decidua shed, bleeding occurs and it appears like menstruation blood. It last for several days. And when decidual shed occurs it leaves a cavity behind known as uterine cavity.

Decidual cast usually occurs when uterine lining starts to form at initial stage of pregnancy and it resembles the shape of uterus. The decidual or uterine shaped cast have the ability to keep on growing even after miscarriage and also have the ability to protect the fetus from immune system of mother. Decidual casts can be formed due to the use of contraceptives like medroxyprogesterone acetic acid derivation, endometriosis problem, the state of pregnancy in women e.g. if there is any lesion in uterus and ectopic pregnancy or tubal pregnancy. If the decidua do not form then the secondary lining of uterus will not form and will be complications in pregnancy so decidual formation is considered important.

Decidual Cast Pictures

Decidual Cast Pictures, Size, Birth control, Miscarriage

Decidual Cast Size

Decidual cast size varies in different women. A case report of a women is checked with a size of uterine cavity 5*6*1. Another case reported with a size 3 inch long and about 1 ½ inch in width, a long strip like structure. The increase in size shows the worsening of condition. Some women pass out tissues episodely along with decidua.  The mass passed out may be pink fleshy in look and solid jelly like. Some women pass the whole decidua out in just one go. The decidua, passed out, looks like a whole organ.

Decidual Cast Birth Control

Normally women and young girls take contraceptives for the purpose of birth control, irregular and heavy periods or for the replacement of hormone that is deficient. Women with less progesterone level usually take contraceptives to fulfil the requirement but along with the use of contraceptives, heavy bleeding is also reported. The reason behind this is the high level of progesterone producing due to contraceptives. Along with heavy bleeding women are reported with extreme unbearable pain and passing of decidual cast. As we know that decidual cast occurs due to progesterone. Mostly women doubt pregnancy when the bleeding starts.

Decidual Cast Miscarriage

The miscarriage is a condition in which the fetus is pass out of body at the early stage of pregnancy i.e. within 1st 20 weeks of pregnancy. And decidual cast is different condition in which decidua is shed off. Whenever there is a miscarriage a sac like clot pass out but in decidual cast long organ like thing pass out. The bleeding in miscarriage is heavy and persist with pain but in decidual cast the bleeding stops when decidua pass out with unbearable pain. But decidua have the ability to grow even after the miscarriage.
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