Koilocytosis - Symptoms, Causes, Histology, Treatment

Koilocyte is a specific form of human cells called as a classic cell that has a key role in the development and good health of a body. Sometimes, these cells damaged by a few medical conditions and infectious viruses that cause Koilocytosis which has become an abnormal condition of classic cells. These cells have perinuclear halos that are specific cuts. When you read what is Koilocytosis, then you will get some impressive information why this disorder happens and a change in the growth and presence of these classic cells happens. All these changes drive the cytopathic effect that is the combination of all cellular changes in the human body.

These changes generally occur in epithelial cells and the cervix line gets more affected, while this change is caused by different medical conditions. Consequently, the size of nuclei goes on increasing and this increase in size can be easily viewed in the scan. Further, the nuclei will become dark and they can never produce any significant and easily visible symptom of the disease. However, these cells in larger sizes will be a core part in the origin of cancer. The women mostly suffer from such rapid and big changes in nuclei of cells and they experience the breast cancer. Nowadays, the medical research has discovered that cervix and vagina cancer types are also due to Koilocytosis.

Koilocytosis - Symptoms, Causes, Histology, Treatment

Koilocytosis Symptoms:

Koilocytosis has become one of the most critical pathological conditions in the health sector. Usually, you can view different Koilocytosis symptoms that are enough to declare this cell change as well as the disorder. Basically, in early stages, this disorder is very normal, but later on, it becomes more dangerous and complicated. However, the cellular changes due to Human Papilloma Virus, increase in nuclei size and change in the color of nuclei are major signs that can help you in confirming this disorder. Further, severe pain, itching, bad health and fever can also be considered as the symptoms of Koilocytosis.

Koilocytosis Causes:

Koilocytosis is not an ordinary disorder as this leads cancer. Secondly, it damages the healthy cells and deforms the nuclei that can be extremely dangerous. Further, there are many Koilocytosis causes that should be prevented by some logical and recommended ways. In different medical reports and tests, this has been discovered that Human Papilloma Virus is the major element that causes cancer and several other chronic health complications in the human body. Usually, this virus promotes cancer in women, especially breast and cervix cancer. In addition, there are some epidermis infections and a few tumors that may also cause Koilocytosis.

Koilocytosis Histology:

The Koilocytosis histology is a bit interesting, informative and useful for you. According to the histology of Koilocytosis, the perinuclear halos always surround the cell nuclei. The nuclear changes occur due to HPV (Human Papilloma Virus), while the cells, as well as nuclei also go on changing in size, shape and structure that may become more critical with the passage of time. All the cells surrounded by HPV may experience sudden changes in their sizes and consequently, the nuclei of these cells will also grow faster. These nuclei become so bigger that you can view them in some scan tests in normal conditions.

Koilocytosis Treatment

Treatment of Koilocytosis mainly depends upon etiological factors like virus infection, internal hemorrhagic event or other associated medical conditions. In common clinical practice anti-viral drugs are mainly used where doctor suspect HPV virus as an underlying cause. Proper histological diagnosis is very important before initiating any therapeutic treatment.

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