Palinopsia - Symptoms, Causes, Test, Anxiety, Treatment

Palinopsia is not a new disorder, but it is a visual symptom that creates some vision problems for the patients. Basically, when a person keeps on watching an object persistently, then the image of that object may reappear continuously, even the person removes his attention. This visual condition is known as Palinopsia and many people consider it more complicated and irritating. However, many people in developing as well as developed countries are still unfamiliar with what is Palinopsia? They often consider it weakness and some visual infections which they believe temporary and risk-free. If an image of an object remains just for a few seconds, then it will be a plain or normal Palinopsia, but if it lasts longer, then you need immediate check up.

Palinopsia Symptoms:

Fundamentally, there are many well-known and clinically verified Palinopsia symptoms that are enough for an eye specialist to diagnose and declare this visual problem in patients. However, it is a personal observation of a patient that he/she can personally diagnose whether he/she is suffering from Palinopsia or not. When you look at key symptoms of Palinopsia, then you will come across several signs including;

•    Visual snow
•    Visual illusions
•    Photopsias
•    Teleopsia
•    Oscillopsia
•    Cerebral polyopia
•    Entoptic phenomena

All these are more common and extremely observed symptoms of Palinopsia in the patients. If you experience any of these signs, then you should never consider it ordinary and you must consult a specialist for better and appropriate treatment.

Palinopsia - Symptoms, Causes, Test, Anxiety, Treatment

Palinopsia Causes:

Palinopsia may occur in everyone regardless the physical fitness and sound health. In fact, sometimes the most people experience this issue just for a couple of minutes when they rub their eyes in darkness, intensive light or when something goes into their eyes. In such situations, they feel Palinopsia. However, all the functions and organs associated with eyes can cause this visual disorder. Basically, there are officially discovered and declared Palinopsia causes that help the surgeons and doctors to choose the best treatment for expected results. Some causes of this problem are;

•    Visual snow
•    Tumor
•    Issues in nervous system
•    Disturbance in cerebral area
•    Excessive and regular intake of medicines
•    Unlimited consumption of drugs
•    Occipital Lobe
•    Dural Arteriovenous Malformations
•    Sub-Cortical Hemorrhage

Palinopsia Test:

Whenever you suffer from some health complications like Palinopsia, then it is necessary to go for a test as
well as diagnosing process right after experiencing some symptoms. In these days, there are many reliable and highly effective medical tests to diagnose Palinopsia. In addition, the most doctors and eye specialists strongly recommend visual Palinopsia test that is conducted in some specific conditions. In this test, the specialists and surgeons use the highly intensive light beam to show some objects put at a suitable distance from a patient and then they shift the eye focus of a patient. This shift of vision will help them in confirming whether a person is suffering from Palinopsia or not.

Palinopsia Anxiety:

There are many valuable and highly beneficial medical researches and final reports on Palinopsia. The most patients get worried by this visual symptom and later on, they suffer from severe depression. You must keep this in mind if you are suffering from persistent depression and stress, then it will lead Palinopsia anxiety that is another complicated stage. In such situations, you will need two types of treatments; medical and psychological procedures. However, there are some very effective and 100% satisfaction guaranteed treatments that provide expected outcomes and recover a patient from Palinopsia depression. You should consult only an experienced, certified and highly practiced eye specialist or a surgeon when you suffer from visual problems.

Palinopsia Treatment 

Though it is not an emergency condition that require prompt intervention but sill you need to go for proper treatment if it persists for longer than expected. In such scenario, you need to rule out why it occurs. In some patient it might occur due to continuous episode of panic attacks, depression and anxiety. Their eye muscles become weak and they get involve in palinopsia. In that case, psychological therapy along with medications impart satisfactory results.
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