Urethrocele - Pictures, Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment

Urethrocele is a critical physical condition when the urethra of a woman falls from its natural place to the vagina. In fact, urethra has unlimited tissues and small muscles that hold it and fix on its accurate position. Sometimes, these tissues go on weakening and the urethra loses its grip on the natural place, while there are more possibilities of prolapse of the urethra into female’s vagina. There are different complications, serious problems and severe pain when someone experiences this critical situation. However, many women suffer from this complication, but they are unable to identify what is Urethrocele. Anyways, the suffering women will have some problems with urination and having sex if they are experiencing urethrocele.

When a girl or a matured woman suffers from urethrocele, then she will also have some damages of the anterior distal wall. Further, there are many treatments and specific methods to restore urethra position. However, the surgical treatment is very effective, satisfaction guaranteed and 100% reliable, but it is an expensive treatment ever in the health industry. Anyhow, if you experience this vagina problem, then you should never take it easy as this can be dangerous and more critical with the passage of time if it is not treated completely and rightly. You need to go through main complications and critical situations in presence of urethrocele.

Urethrocele Pictures/Images

Urethrocele - Pictures, Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment

Urethrocele - Pictures, Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment

Urethrocele Symptoms:

Basically, there is no clinically reported symptom of urethrocele in patients. Actually, the suffering person can only experience and identify this critical condition. However, sometimes the women, even young girls become unable to identify urethrocele; even they are suffering from this problem for a few weeks. Anyways, when you critically go through Urethrocele symptoms, then you will come to know some very common observations and signs that will let you know whether you are suffering from this problem or not. Some more popular and common signs of urethrocele can be;

•    Stress and complication in emptying bladder
•    Severe pain when urinating
•    Incontinence stress
•    Pain in vagina
•    Painful intercourse
•    Frequent urination etc.

Urethrocele Causes:

Every disease or infection has some specific causes that result in particular disorders. Usually, there are several major Urethrocele causes, but a few are more important and necessary to be discussed. In different cases, the childbirth becomes a bit challenging for the women having the weak stamina and during this birth; there are more chances of tissue damage inside the vagina. Further, weakness in pelvic floor may also cause urethrocele in women. Finally, many women grow old faster due to inefficient sex interactions. They lose the strength of their vagina and urethra tissues that will result in urethrocele in the women. The chance of this problem in women is higher in the first pregnancy.

Urethrocele Diagnosis:

There are many misperceptions about the right diagnosing of urethrocele. Basically, there are different effective and result-guaranteed diagnosing methods which the most gynecologists apply to a patient. First of all, they choose ultrasound for Urethrocele diagnosis. Secondly, they ask for X-rays of the vagina with internal view. In addition, the women mostly complain about the pain in the vagina that lets the doctors about the possibility of urethrocele. In fact, there are more possibilities that the gynecologists will make sure if a woman suffers from this problem during the childbirth. However, there are not enough treatments that can recover a patient completely and quickly from urethrocele. The surgical treatment is the only reliable curing method for this complication.

Urethrocele Treatment

As mentioned earlier that it is some-kind of structural disorder that may lead to further complications if let untreated for longer period of time. Surgery is mainstay for such problem. You health care provider might prescribe you some pain killers and antibiotics in case of acute pain and infection involvement.
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