Fetoscope - Definition, Uses, Parts, Doppler

Fetoscope is a tool or instrument which closely resembles stethoscope and used to monitor the fetal functioning while still in the womb of mother. Like stethoscope, the heart beat of fetus can be heard via fetoscope. It is used during pregnancy as well as during labor. It is considered a noninvasive method for monitoring the fetus. There are no side effects associated with fetoscope and ultimately do not the functioning of fetus. When fetoscopy is done, there is not any need of any other interventions.

Fetoscope is also known as pinard horn. The heartbeat of baby can be listened after 20 weeks of pregnancy and the most common tool used for this purpose is fetoscope. It is considered the most authentic method of fetal monitoring with very less chances of wrong observation and results having no adverse effects. This technique do not restrict the mother to move around. Fetoscopy is very less available now a days in hospitals because the more accurate and electrical monitoring methods have replaced it. As this requires a medical practitioner like a nurse to listen to fetal heartbeat every 15 to 20 min during labor pains and during baby delivery. And this method also requires practice before use.

Fetoscope - Definition, Uses, Parts, Doppler

Fetoscope Uses

Fetoscope is mainly used to listen the heartbeat of fetus inside the mother’s womb. Also fetoscope tells about the normal functioning of fetus. In this technique, the medical practitioner bring closer the one end to ears and listen the heartbeat from other end of fetoscope. Fetoscope can also be used by attaching it with any medical device like the device used to take samples of fetal fluid. Fetoscope is used to check the birth defects in baby which cannot be detected from any other device. It is useful not only during pregnancy but also during delivery.

Fetoscope Parts

Fetoscope resembles to stethoscope, and some also consider it a type of stethoscope. The shape of fetoscope is like a horn that is why it is also called pinard horn. The traditional style fetoscope is made up of wood having two ends the broader one and narrow one. The broader side is placed on the abdomen of mother and heartbeats are listened from the narrow side of fetoscope by the medical practitioner i.e. doctor, midwife or nurse. The latest fetoscope is made up of metal looks like stethoscope. It is about 8 inches in length. The functioning of fetoscope resembles ear trumpet which amplify sound.

Fetoscope vs Doppler

Fetoscope is a tool used to hear heartbeat of fetus. Consist of a horn shaped metal tool. And Doppler is an ultrasound i.e. handheld to check the heartbeat of fetus as well as embryo. In fetoscope, no radiations emit and may not be harmful for fetus but Doppler is an ultrasound which emit radiations which can be proved harmful for fetus causing problems in the development of fetus. Fetoscopy cannot be used at embryonic level but Doppler can be used at embryonic stage and it also identifies the pregnancy.
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