Dysgeusia Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

It is a taste related disorder. Dysgeusia is a condition in which the sense of taste is distorted. This condition shows association with ageusia (complete loss of taste). It is also associated with hypoguesia (partial loss of taste or decreased sensitivity towards taste). This condition may be a main symptom of any disease or secondary to the disease state. If the sense of taste is affected, the other senses may also be targeted because all the senses are connected to each other.

So the persons already suffering from Dysgeusia may also feel changes in the sense of smell. Use of different drugs are also responsible for distortion of taste. The patient feels strange taste whenever he wants to eat anything. That change will be persistent and non-pleasant. The patient may feel metallic or foul taste. In some cases reported about Dysgeusia, the patients also feel salty, rancid or plain bad taste. The sense of taste is associated with the taste buds present on the surface of tongue. Taste buds are the cells which are responsible for transferring signals to the brain. The identification of flavor of food is connected with the sense of smell and is somehow controlled by it.

Dysgeusia Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Dysgeusia Symptoms

Patient may feel the following symptoms along with the distortion of sense of smell.

  • Patient may got ill having cold and influenza.
  • Sinus infection is commonly associated with Dysgeusia.
  • The symptoms of Dysgeusia are related to the cause behind it. If the cause behind Dysgeusia is severe, like lesions on the tongue damaging nerves sensing taste, then there is a chance that the Dysgeusia may get permanent. If the cause behind Dysgeusia is treatable and not severe like short term condition or dental plaque then the above mentioned symptoms may occur till the recovery of taste.

Dysgeusia Causes

The causes behind Dysgeusia may be temporary or permanent. The temporary causes behind Dysgeusia are:

  • Dry mouth due to the use of some medications.
  • Smoking also effects taste.
  • Dental problems and deficiency of nutrients are also the reported causes.
  • The taste buds may get damaged due to lesions on the surface of tongue leading to the permanent loss of taste.
  • It may be secondary to medications.
  • It is normal in some cases of pregnancy. The mother feels sour or metallic taste during pregnancy dueto some hormonal changes in body.
  • Brain tumors, head injuries and depression are also included.

Dysgeusia Treatment

The treatment of Dysgeusia is totally dependent on the cause behind it. The cause behind Dysgeusia is treated to make the taste better. If it is because of cold or flu or sinus infection, then treating these conditions may lead to the betterment and reversal of distorted taste. In case of nerve cells damage, the condition is not treatable and may lead to permanent loss of taste. Smokers if quit smoking, may make their sense of taste better. Artificial saliva and pilocarpine, zinc supplements, infusion of zinc to the taste buds and supplements of alpha lipoic acid are the drugs used in treatment of Dysgeusia.
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