Pendulous breasts Definition, Breast Feeding, Lift, Large Pendulous breasts

Pendulous breast are the sagging breast means that the breast shape is not intact and round on its place. The nipple and the lower part of breast are not on their position i.e. below the breast crease line. The breast appears in the cylindrical or long shaped instead of round shape. Women with pendulous breast, have heavy mass at the above side of breast and the breast looks abnormally loose and below the fold. Women lack the cleavage formation. Normally women with naturally heavy breasts have pendulous breasts. Pendulous breast shows maturity and fertility in women.

Abnormally heavy breast in women cause health related problems like poor posture and pain in back. Women loses her feminine body shape and face difficulty in fitting clothes. basically, memory glands are involved in it. This mostly occurs due to usage of inappropriate bra, after child birth, while breast feeding, excessive weight loss and severe illness. The increased age is another factor contributing towards pendulum breast. Any emotional and physical aspect also cause pendulum breasts. When women breast feed the infant, the connective tissues of mammary glands get stretch and expand leading to loose tissues and sagging breasts.

Pendulous breasts Definition, Breast Feeding, Lift, Large Pendulous breasts

Pendulous breasts Feeding

Mothers with saggy and heavy breasts face difficulty in breastfeeding infants. It is difficult to position the baby along with the direction of nipple in saggy pendulum breast. There are many positions introduced to cope with pendulum breasts like football breastfeeding position, couch position and many more. The mother always have to support breast with one hand and the head of baby with other hand while feeding the infant. The football position of breastfeeding is the most convenient position in small infants. Mostly women use pillow to support breast while breast feeding the infant.

Pendulous breasts Lift

The pendulous breast may lift by wearing lift up bras. But recent studies show that wearing bra can make the breast saggier. The right choice of bra lead to less saggy breast in women. There are also some massage therapies to improve the circulation and shape of breast. During these therapies, the movement of hand and fingers matter a lot. There are also some surgical procedures to lift the pendulum breasts. Most of the women show positive response towards the surgical lifting of breast. The physician recommend women to lie down in some specific positions to avoid pendulum breasts.

Large/Huge Pendulous breasts

The large and pendulous breasts are a problem for most of the women. Some of the women feel shy and ashamed in public. The clothes do not fit properly and many other problems are reported regarding this condition. These women also get depress and want a solution to this condition. That is why most of the women prefer surgical reduction of breast. These women have to wear tight and firm bra to avoid pendulous breasts. The long time contact of saggy breast with abdominal skin along with sweat may lead to severe skin infections.
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