Sarcoma botryoides Pictures, Symptoms, Causes, Prognosis, Treatment

Sarcoma botryoides are also known as botryoides sarcoma and botryoides rhabdomyosarcoma. Sarcoma botryoides are the subtype of embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma. It can be seen in the walls of hollow structures having mucosal thin lining like in nasopharynx, bile duct, vaginal lining, lining of urinary bladder in infants and children. It can occur in vaginal lining of women of age above 8 years. In this condition, the tumor cells are accumulated under the epithelial lining of an organ. The tumor cells are of spindle shape. It appears as a polypoid mass having yellow color and are breakable that bleeding can occur.

Sarcoma botryoides Pictures

Sarcoma botryoides Pictures, Symptoms, Causes, Prognosis, Treatment

Sarcoma botryoides Symptoms

It is a type of cancer. So the symptoms vary with the location of sarcoma botryoides and the organ involved. If sarcoma botryoides occur in vaginal lining, the patient may feel pain in the pelvic region and inside vagina. After every intercourse, bleeding may occur. Normally bleeding occur without pain even the intercourse is not done. It is most commonly seen in vagina and urinary bladder. Blood in urine is also an indication to sarcoma botryoides. Patient also suffer from fever along with difficulty in urination if it is in in the lining of urinary bladder.

Sarcoma botryoides Causes

The exact cause behind sarcoma botryoides is unknown. But it may be congenital. Some infants by birth have some diseases which may be the leading cause of sarcoma botryoides. Diseases may be li-fraumeni syndrome, neurofibromatosis, nevoid basal cell carcinoma and fetal alcohol syndrome. A single gene mutation in infants can also cause sarcoma botryoides. There are also some environmental factors which are responsible for causing sarcoma botryoides. These environmental factors are: Excessive parenteral use of marijuana and cocaine. Increased or repeated exposure of intrauterine walls to X-rays and Patient already exposed to alkylating agents.

Sarcoma botryoides Prognosis

The adults and children with this condition are treated with current offering therapies. About 60 % of patients get recover from this condition with the help of therapies. And it is also reported that less than 30% of cases are at high risk already having fusion positive tumors in both metastatic and non-metastatic tumors. The most favorable prognosis is of embryonal type and also it is treatable. The location of the tumors are also of great importance in prognostic values. Most favorable prognosis is of orbital and genitourinary tract. It is a fatal disease. The survival rate is 5 years with disease in 10 to 35% patients.

Sarcoma botryoides Treatment

Sarcoma botryoides are treated in different ways. It can be treated with medications like dactinomycin, cosmegen and Ac-De. In addition to these drugs, chemotherapy is also done to treat sarcoma botryoides. It is the most effective treatment option including following drugs: dacarbazine, doxorubicin, epirubicin, gemcitabine and ifosfamide. These agents are effective and increase the survival timing of patient. Radiotherapy is done by using radiations during the surgical operation. Generally, radiotherapy is done to treat primary site of disease while chemotherapy is followed to treat the whole body disease.
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