Weak chin Female, Male, Test, Celebrities

Weak chin is also known as small chin. The skin of the chin appear as loose skin. Sometimes in people with loose skin, the chin is not in defined shape. This may be due to genetical variation. The mandible’s frontal projection is not fully developed and lead towards weak chin or recessive chin. The appearance of weak chin is also called as double chin. In order to tighten the loose skin of chin, a chin implant is performed. The chin implants are of various sizes and shapes. They are composed of silastic. They are inserted under the effect of local anesthesia.

Weak chin in Females

Women with weak chin are conscious about their beauty appearance. As women find it appealing to men with a normal or strong chin. Weak chin reduce the signs of youth and fertility in women. A smaller jawbone along with fuller cheeks makes a women more attractive and appealing to men. Weak chin is more common in women as compare to men due to the increased chances of hormonal imbalance in women than men. Men are attracted to the women with small chin and fuller cheeks as compare to the fuller chin and weak cheeks.

Weak chin Female, Male, Test, Celebrities

Weak chin in Males

Men with strong chin looks more attractive and appealing. Social media play a vital role to convince men towards chin implantation. Men with weak skin join special classes of gym to make their chin strong and attractive. The beauty of men lies in his jawline position. Men with bigger jawline do not look attractive. Men feel disappointment in their love life. Even when the men with weak chin grow beard, the weak chin still appears making the appearance of face bigger than usual. So these men go for chin implantation to get their life back.

Weak chin Test

Weak chin is tested with one and only test named finger trap test. In this test the index finger is placed against the nose and the chin. Then check whether the finger touch the lips or not. If lips touch the index finger, the chin is perfect and beautiful but if the lips do not touch the index finger then the chin is small chin or weak chin. The finger trap test is also known as beauty and ugliness identification method. Because the position of jawline in face is parameter which makes the person pretty or ugly.

Weak chin Celebrities

The most common and fastest growing cosmetic enhancement now a days in celebrities is chin augmentation. Most of the celebrities have undergone chin implants to be more attractive, beautiful and famous. Like Ashlee Simpson undergone chin implant to be more pretty. Angelina Jolie is also in the line who have undergone chin implant. As this may occur due to aging and accumulation of fats around chin, so celebrities prefer chin implantation to be younger looking in media industry. Here are some celebrities who have undergone chin implantation. Christina Hendricks, sienna miller, Bristol Palin, Emmy rossum and Alice Eve.
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