Bulbous nose Pictures, Definition, rhinoplasty, Contouring, Reduction

Bulbous nose is a condition also known as rhinophyma. In this condition, the tip of the nose appears as a red bulb like and large. Rhinophyma is the severe type of rosacea. As rosacea is a condition which is related to skin, the facial skin appears inflamed. Rosacea makes the skin of nose thicker and as a result the oil glands get swell. Due to this swelling, the nose appears as a large, red and bulb like. The exact cause behind bulbous nose is unknown but there are many factors contributing to it. The extreme environmental conditions like summer and winters on peak make the bulbous nose more severe.

Emotional disturbances and excessive stress can also cause the bulbous nose to become severe. Alcohol consumption also makes the bulbous nose severe. It occurs more frequently in men as compare to women. The age range in which bulbous nose occurs is 25 to 50 years. Antibiotics and the prescriptions for acne are used to reduce the inflammation and redness on nose. Some physicians prefer a surgical operation as a treatment but this is not a permanent solution to bulbous nose because even after surgery, the redness and inflammation can re appear due to the environmental effects.

Bulbous nose Pictures

Bulbous nose Pictures, Definition, rhinoplasty, Contouring, Reduction

Bulbous nose Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a surgical treatment of bulbous nose or rhinophyma. In this technique the nose is reshaped or resized. It is a plastic surgery type technique. Mostly people prefer Rhinoplasty due to their less attractive appearance because of bulbous nose tip. The Rhinoplasty reshape the tip of nose by making it soft, pointed and attractive. Contemporary Rhinoplasty is done to make the shape of nose more accurate or refined without disturbing the whole nasal structure. In Rhinoplasty, the bony edges of nose are refined with the help of suture technique.

Bulbous nose Contouring

The media celebrities with bulbous nose make their nose appear to be accurate and refined with the help of makeup technique. With the help of dark and light shades in contouring kit these celebrities make their bumpy nose appear to be sloppy. Along with routine makeup, the celebrities with severe bulbous nose, prefer plastic surgery i.e. Rhinoplasty to contour their nose according to their desire. In Rhinoplasty, the bony part of the nose is trimmed and make sloppier according to the patient desire. In contouring, the sides of the nose are made dull and the center part along with tip are made highlighted.

Bulbous nose Reduction

The patients with bulbous nose spreading wide on face go for the Rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty is a natural way of reducing the extra mass of nose surrounding it. The nose is trimmed and reduced to make the nose more attractive. After Rhinoplasty reduction of nose mass, there is no scar left of the incision. The bony part of the nose is trimmed and make it small in size that it goes fit with the facial features. Mostly celebrities are moving towards nose reduction Rhinoplasty to be more attractive and famous in media industry.
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