Meatotomy Procedure, Complications, Side effects, Recovery, Cost

Meatotomy is a surgical procedure in which the penis is modified by splitting the underside of the glans. This surgery is performed to decrease or stop the medical conditions like meatal stenosis or urethral stricture. Meatotomy is considered a type of piercing in which the upper side or tip of penis is split into two parts. Some of the men willingly use this procedure for the sake of fashion and aesthetic or sexual purposes. The condition meatal stenosis makes the opening of penis narrow at the tip. This is not a fatal condition, but the person may feel difficulty in urination.

Meatotomy Procedure

Meatotomy is a minor surgical process which can be completed within one hour. Patient do not have to admit in hospital. Physician 1st sterile the penis and then apply numbing cream along with anesthesia to stop all the senses of the area. Then a small incision is made to the tip of penis extending the urethral opening. During incision, a sterile dressing is placed at the tip to control bleeding. Then the physician stitches the skin. This surgery is common in new born babies to make their urethral opening wide, and making it easy for them to urinate.

Meatotomy Procedure, Complications, Side effects, Recovery, Cost

Meatotomy Side effects/Complications

The patient after successful surgery may experience some side effects. The patient may not be able to control the urine stream with new enlarged urethral opening and the control over the direction of urine stream may also be a problem. The larger the urethral opening, the lower will be the velocity of ejaculation. With wider opening, the distance of ejaculation will also decrease along with velocity. If Meatotomy goes wrong, the repair of Meatotomy will be painful to the patient and also of great difficulty. Patient feels pain and itching during urination right after Meatotomy.

Meatotomy Recovery

The Meatotomy is a minor surgical operation and the recovery is also fast if there is no infection developed at the site. The average time taken by the Meatotomy to heal completely is about a week. If the infection occur on the point of surgery, this can hurt more and can make it a worse condition, according to the treatment of the infection, the recovery time of Meatotomy also extends. The patient may feel fever and chills after the surgery which are the vital signs of infection occurring at urethral opening. The patient have to face a lot of difficulties.

Meatotomy Cost

Meatotomy is not a costly process. The only expense is of doctor’s fee and the anesthesia used. But the cost of Meatotomy varies from hospital to hospital. It is cheap and easy surgical procedure widely done to almost every man in the world right after birth. Especially in Muslims it is considered a compulsory obligation after birth. Sometimes it is performed free of cost by the trainer internees in the hospital. Because of its cheapness, it can be afford by everyone in the society. Even the low standard person also afford Meatotomy.
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