Orbital fracture Pictures, Treatment, Healing time, Surgery

Orbit means eye, orbital fracture is the injury occurred at the bone of eye socket. The injury may be traumatic i.e. forced blunt trauma on the bone of eye socket. In the orbital fracture, one of the bone surrounding the eye get injured due to trauma. There are three types of orbital fracture. Orbital rim fracture (in this type the outer bony edges are injured, the rim bone is a hard and thick bone, due to this only a blunt force trauma can cause injury to the rim bone. The main cause behind these type of fractures is the car accidents). Blowout fracture (In this type of fracture, the inner wall of orbit or the floor of orbit or eye socket is injured. The inner wall of orbit is a thin bone that is why the crack can also pinch the muscles around it which are responsible for the accurate movement of eye. It Can occur due to a fist punch or a baseball hit). Orbital floor fracture (In this type of fracture, the orbital floor is buckle downward and the bones are pushed inside. In this type, the eye muscles and the nerves associated with them also get injured).

Orbital fracture Pictures

Orbital fracture Pictures, Treatment, Healing time, Surgery

Orbital fracture Pictures, Treatment, Healing time, Surgery

Orbital fracture Treatment

Orbital fracture is 1st treated with the antibiotics to reduce the pain and for permanent treatment surgical operation is required. The surgery involved the following steps:

De glove the skeleton and then anatomical reduction is made. After that, rigid fixation is done along with replacement of injured bone. At last the soft tissue re-suspension is done and close the wound.
Along with surgical treatment, medical therapy is also done like less or no blowing of nose. Analgesia is required as well as anti-emetics. Oral steroid like prednisolone is prescribed to avoid soft tissue edema.

Orbital fracture Healing Time

The healing time after surgery is totally depend upon the severity of the fracture. Along with severity, the type of fracture and location is also important in most of the cases, the swelling and the discoloration of eye start fading within a week or within 10 days after surgery. If the bones are affected, they will take more time to heal than this. Even the surgery is performed when all the swelling is eliminated. The strength of the orbital floor is regained within 24 hours after surgery. In case of uncomplicated orbital floor fracture, the physician allow the patients to work normally after three weeks of time.

Orbital fracture Surgery

The surgery of orbital fracture is recommended in patients with severe injury, and to heal it permanently. The surgery should be performed close to the date after two weeks. As within two weeks the swelling eliminate and the surgery will be performed accurately. The post-operative complications are: The person may get blind or may suffer from persistent diplopia. Infection may occur at the site and appear as orbital cellulitis. Lid malpositioning may also occur. Especially in the lower lid. Implant infection, migration and extrusion may also occur.
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