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Akinetic means unable to move physically and mutism means inability to speak. So, as the name describe, Akinetic mutism is a condition in which patient is not able to move physically and speak as well. Akinetic mutism is kind of shock condition related to mental condition. Patient cannot move and speak whereas he can see and move his eyeball to follow the observer. Along with lack of ability of speaking and moving patient also lack some motor functions like facial expressions and gestures. Patient seems to be alert but cannot move. Sometimes, patient have less activity or slow activity and speak very little with monosyllables.

Akinetic Mutism Symptoms

Akinetic mutism is a condition involving lack of movement and talking and it starts appearing after about four months of onset of disease. Akinetic mutism related symptoms are more likely resemble the symptoms of shock. In which patient lack some motor activities like movement of facial muscles to show facial expressions and gestures. Akinetic mutism is not a state like paralysis, in Akinetic mutism it all depends upon the patient’s will to move and speak. Main symptoms include lack of speech, apathy, slowness and disinhibition and lack of will to move.

Akinetic mutism Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment  locked in syndrome

Akinetic Mutism Causes

Number of causes reported behind Akinetic mutism, and some of the main reasons are as follows:

  • It may occur due to damage in frontal lobe region. This damage may in turn occur due to an injury external or internal.
  • Thalamic stroke is also a main reason because thalamus is responsible for controlling consciousness and alertness in body.
  • Destruction of cingulate gyrus, used in treatment of psychosis, lead to Akinetic mutism, apathy and indifference to any external stimuli like pain.
  • Other causes include respiratory arrest, cerebral hypoxia, meningitis, encephalitis lethargica, tumors, trauma and presence of cyst in third ventricle.

Akinetic Mutism Treatment

Like the causes reported for Akinetic mutism, there are also number of treatment plans to treat Akinetic mutism. Magnesium sulfate therapy is used intravenously to eliminate symptoms of Akinetic mutism. If the cause reported behind Akinetic mutism is cyst formation which is leading to Akinetic mutism, then cyst puncture treatment plan will be followed to reduce the symptoms arising from this cyst. Last but not least, dopamine agonist therapy is used to treat the mental condition which causes Akinetic mutism because this condition is related to psychological state. The treatment plan is selected on the basis of cause reported behind it.

Akinetic Mutism V/S Locked in syndrome

Akinetic mutism and locked in syndrome are different conditions with different etiology but these both conditions have same symptoms and signs. In Akinetic mutism, patient is not able to move and speak due to lack of will to move and speak. But in locked in syndrome, patient’s body is paralyzed and it has nothing to do with will because patient’s will is strong in paralysis. Both these conditions show lack of movement and lack of speak. Locked in syndrome may be partial but Akinetic mutism is a complete loss.
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