Decorticate Posture Pictures, Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Decorticate posture is considered an abnormal posture of body. In decorticate posture, the patient lie down on its back straight and stiff with arms bend and lie on chest. Legs are also straight. This abnormal posture is adapted in a condition with severe damage in the brain. The patient’s with brain injury lying straight with decorticate posturing need medical attention on immediate note. The decorticate posture have many other alternative names i.e. abnormal posturing decorticate posture and traumatic brain injury decorticate posture.

Patient lie with the decorticate posture may have damaged nerve pathway present between the brain and spinal cord. This condition is serious but the other abnormal posture named DE cerebrate posture is more severe than this. This abnormal posturing may occur on either or both sides of body. This posture is basically the contraction and extension of the arms and legs which indicate severe brain injury in patient. This abnormal posturing develops due to the incapacitated one set of muscles and the other set is not. This posture might also occur due to contraction of one set of muscles caused by the external stimulus like pain. The posturing also indicate the severity of damage.

Decorticate Posture Pictures

Decorticate Posture Pictures, Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Decorticate Posture Causes

Main cause reported behind the decorticate abnormal posturing is the severe brain injury. Nerve pathway between the brain and spinal cord lead to the abnormal posture named decorticate posture. There are many causes reported apart from the one discussed before. Condition in which the intracranial pressure increases are traumatic brain injury, intracranial hemorrhage, brain tumors, stroke and enlargement of brain i.e. encephalopathy. Abnormal posturing can also develop from stroke on either side or both sides of body known as spastic hemiplegia. Brain herniation is also the leading cause of the abnormal posturing.

Decorticate Posture Symptoms

Decorticate posturing is an abnormal posturing which enables the person to lie straight and stiff on bed with legs straight lied and arms bend at the elbow point and hands are adjusted on the chest region. The hand at the wrist point and the fingers are also bent placed on chest. The patient go through this posture due to a severe brain injury mainly obstruction of nerve pathway which lies between the brain and spinal cord connecting both of them. This abnormal posture do not have any significant symptoms regarding it but the pain arising in brain due to the injury.

Decorticate Posture Treatment

Patient with this abnormal posture on office visit will get emergency treatment. Patient will get a breathing tube on emergency note also a breathing assistance will also be provided. The patient will be shifted to the hospital and admitted in intensive care unit. When the brain traumatic injury will be treated via surgery, the patient becomes stable rapidly. After surgery, the patient will be asked some questions about their condition and regular tests will also be performed to check the performance of brain and regarding abnormal posture. The test include the blood and urine tests.
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