Hypnophobia Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Test, Treatment

Hypnophobia is a type of phobia in which the patient is afraid of sleep. The patient with hypnophobia feel fear about sleeping and also from being hypnotized. It is a wide spreading phobia now a days. The word hypno is a Greek word meaning sleep and phobia is also a Greek word meaning fear. The fear of sleep is abnormal, unwarranted and persistent. The hypnophobia have a great impact on the social life of the patient and also cause panic attacks at the worst stage of hypnophobia. The therapies can treat the hypnophobia but it may take time to recover completely.

Hypnophobia Causes

There may be many causes behind the hypnophobia. Some of them are as follows:

  • Basically hypnophobia is generated by the mind at unconscious state as a protective mechanism.
  • There may be a past incident about being hypnotized and regarding sleep which generate the phobia of sleep in further life.
  • Some of the patients pick it up from social media and some acquire it from the movies. The patient can pass through this phobia after watching someone else severe trauma or injury or any incident which cannot be forget.
  • The emotions of the patient got attach to the unforgettable incident.

Hypnophobia Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Test, Treatment

Hypnophobia Symptoms

The hypnophobia is the fear from sleep and fear of being hypnotized. But whenever the patient fall asleep he may suffer from shortness of breath and sometimes rapid breathing. The patient may sweat heavily and shout out loud. The heartbeats may become irregular and the patient go panic. The patient feel dreadful feelings to severe level. Nausea is also experienced by the hypnophobic patients. The symptoms may differ from patient to patient according to the level of fear. The drug therapy and withdrawal of drug therapy can also cause some severe symptoms to the patient.

Hypnophobia Test

Hypnophobia can be tested at home and the patient itself can also test his disease while filling an online form available on internet. The child with hypnophobia can be tested at home via child behavior home testing. This can be tested at home with the help of ADHD home test kits and concentration home testing technique. The adults with hypnophobia can be tested at home with home based mental health testing. This mental health testing can be performed with the help of adult ADHD home testing technique. All the above mentioned test and the symptoms associated can help in diagnosing hypnophobia.

Hypnophobia Treatment

The hypnophobia can be treated with medication therapy. The central nervous system depressants and the sleep inducing agents are used to treat the symptoms appearing and allowing the patient to sleep well. The medication therapy is useful but it also produces various side effects. Only symptoms can be treated with medication therapy and on temporary basis. The medicines are not the permanent treatment of hypnophobia. Along with medicines, the life style modifications are also recommended for patient to recover fast. Other than medication therapy, neuro linguistic programming therapy and psychotherapy is also done.
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