Tail of spence - Location, Pain, Breastfeeding, Cancer, Removal

Spence’s tail, axillary process and axillary tail are the other names of tail of spence. It is a tissue of the breast which extends and run towards the axilla. This extension arises from the upper lateral quadrant of the breast. The extension of breast tissue known as tail of spencer pass through the opening known as foramen of Langer and ends into the axilla after piercing the axillary facia. The tail of spencer was named after a scientist who discovered it i.e. James spence. If this tail of spencer discontinue from the breast tissue then it is known as ectopic breast tissue in axilla.

Tail of spence Location

Not everyone is aware about the presence of tail of spence along with the breast. The breast tissue which originates from the breast and pass through foramen of Langer by piercing the axillary facia and reaches to the axillary site. The axilla is the location present near the armpit. Most of the breast cancers originate from this tissue extension. The discontinuation of the tail of spence leads to many other problems and diseases. The condition of the breast may become severe and lead to cancerous state of breast.

Tail of spence - Location, Pain, Breastfeeding, Cancer, Removal

Tail of spence Pain

Pain is the main symptom appearing due to the problem in tail of spence. The presence of lumps near the armpit causes pain in the tail of spence. The discontinuation or other problems in the tail of spence lead to the inflammation of the tissue leading to the lump appearance near armpit and the patient feel pain in the breast and under arm portion. Pain and lump appearance also indicate the presence of breast cancer in women and the discontinuation of tail of spence is the most reported cause behind breast cancer in women.

Tail of spence Breast Feeding

When the women get pregnant the breast start producing milk in ducts and stores in it. The production of milk makes the breast full. If there is any blockage in the ducts providing milk to the nipples including tail of spence will lead to the accumulation of milk in the tail of spence. This accumulation lead to the problems while breast feeding. The women have to massage well her breast during and before breast feeding. As massage enables the duct to open and supply milk to the nipples. The baby have to suck properly.

Tail of spence Cancer

As tail of spence is one of the duct present in the breast for milk storage. So any kind of trauma internal or external may lead to the obstruction in milk flow. This trauma and obstruction may lead to the accumulation of milk in ducts and ultimately considered the main cause behind the breast cancer. Breast cancer is considered the most occurring disease in women now a days. There may be many causes behind the breast cancer and one of the most reported cause is due to the discontinuation of flow of tail of spence.

Tail of spence Removal

The tail of spence if causes problem and a lump appears due to the obstruction in flow of the tail of spence the physician recommend the removal of tail of spence. The tail of spence appear as armpit mass. So the mass is surgically removed via lipo suction technique. The excess mass around the armpit is also removed via plastic surgery technique. The lipo suction performed may be an ultrasonic lipo suction. As it is the most effective way of removal of tail of spence. And also a widely used method of tail of spence removal.
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