Transvestic Disorder Meaning, Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Transvestic disorder is a form of psychiatric sexual disorder which fall under paraphilic disorder but not all patients fall in the criteria of paraphilic disorder. Paraphilic disorder is related to sexual interest, fantasies, preferences or outside norm behavior. All the above mentioned activities are considered symptoms of this disorder only if these activities are performed in a specified way that it cause harm or distress to other person who are not willing for it. Transvestic disorder involves cross dressing with opposite gender in order to become sexually aroused.

Normally person with Transvestic disorder is under anxiety, guilt, depression or shame for their attraction towards cross dressing. These feelings arise as a result of disapproval from partner or their own interest in negative social or professional ramifications. This disorder develops in late childhood. Cross dressing is very rarely found in birth sex females. Researchers reported that about 3% of men have crossed dressed even once in a life time. Initially this disorder cause intense sexual arousal and this sexual arousal is considered a form of fetishism. When patient with Transvestic disorder finds a willing partner, they engage in sexual activity which may be in full or partial feminine attire.

Transvestic Disorder Meaning, Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Transvestic Disorder Causes

Transvestic disorder is related to psychological condition of person. Patient have a psyche of cross dressing and intense feelings for sex. Well there is not any exact cause of Transvestic disorder but it is observed that person feel excited upon cross dressing and carve for some sexual activity. In childhood, excitement occurs as a result of cross dressing but this excitement turn into sexual excitement in adulthood. With the passing age, feelings and urge for cross dressing becomes more strong and intense. But sexual gratification diminishes at old age while urge for cross dressing still exist.

Transvestic Disorder Symptoms

Cross dressing disorder occur mostly in men but females are also involved in it in less ratio. In this disorder, person likes to wear even a single article of opposite gender and slowly urge to wear complete outfit of opposite gender. Patient not only wear outfit but also do their hair and makeup to get a complete look. These person are heterosexual. Patient when see people of opposite sex wearing clothes, he get sexually aroused and feel horny with urge to wear that outfit of opposite sex. This cross dressing cause distress and mental illness and makes person socially disappointed.

Transvestic Disorder Treatment

Basically cross dressing is not a disorder, so it generally do not require treatment. Special therapy is recommended for some patients with transvestic disorder and sometimes a parent guardian, partner or a spouse help to take patient out of this mental condition. Partner can motivate patient to get rid of this disorder. Most of the patients seek therapy by their own self due to some other reasons like abuse, depression, distress due to urge of cross dressing and gender dysphoria. Only therapies can help treating transvestic disorder medications are not recommended in this disorder.
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