Overlapping Toes Pictures, Causes, Surgery, Exercises

It is a foot condition, in which the big toe or pinky toe grows larger in size and covers the adjacent toe. Pinky toe is the fifth toe of foot. Overlapping of pink toe is very common. It may occur due to wearing tight shoes. Wearing tight shoes can also cause big toe overlapping. It occurs via formation of bunion which eliminates space from 2nd toe and as a result big toe overlaps 2nd toe. Under-lapping toes is another condition in which 3rd 4th and 5th toe move underneath the other toe. If toes of the patient appears crooked and mid shaped then these may be overlapping hammer toes. These appear at any age. It is a visible condition which shows toes covering the adjacent toe. Overlapping toes appear smashed.

There are some signs and symptoms which appear along with its visual condition. Patient feel pain and sometimes inflammation occurs in overlapping toes due to pressure. Patient cannot walk properly and his gait or posture changes during walk. Overlapping toes causes friction and patient feels irritation. Excessive running of toes during walking or other activities can cause injury. Calluses may form on the toes. Corns may form on surface.

Overlapping Toes Pictures

Overlapping Toes Pictures, Causes, Surgery, Exercises

Overlapping Toes Causes

Overlapping toes may occur as a result of wearing tight shoes. Because of tight shoes, friction produces between toes. This friction leads to formation of bunions on toes which in turn causes overlapping toes. Commonly bunion forms on big toe which does not give space to 2nd toe and overlapping occurs. Wearing tight shoes also causes problems during walking, running and jumping. Another main cause is genetics. Some genetic diseases may lead to overlapping toes with the passage of time. These diseases involve Morton's toe in which the 2nd toe is abnormally large, stiff tendons in which foot is not placed flattened on floor and many other genetic diseases.

Overlapping Toes Surgery

Surgery is not considered as a conservative treatment. Surgery is performed only in serious cases of overlapping toes. Genetic deformity needs surgery because it cannot be cured via conservative treatment i.e. using gel toe caps. Surgery is only recommended in following conditions

  • When the tendon of foot is highly contracted.
  • When one or more toes are rotated extremely.
  • Acquired deformity in which 5th toe shows overlapping.

Now there are two main types of surgeries performed i.e. Butler's surgery and duvries correction. Every overlapping toes is a different case which requires treatment according to it.

Overlapping Toes Exercises

There are not much exercises for toes but are some preventions which can help patient to get rid of overlapping toes. A physiotherapist will help a lot in massaging toes to make them fixed on their place. After surgery, patient have to wear properly fitted shoes. Proper fitted shoes will help a lot in relaxing toes. Toe separators and spacers are designed to separate toes from each other. Patient is asked to wear them during walking. Toe loops and bandages helps in reducing friction between toes. Corn protectors are also used.
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