Gerdy's Tubercle Pain, Swelling, Palpation, Treatment

Gerdy's tubercle is defined as Tubercle on the tibia which is present laterally. Tubercle itself is defined as an outgrowth which is round in shape and tubia is the one of the main bones present in the lower part of leg i.e. below knee. It is present at the point of insertion of iliotibial tract. Gerdy's tubercle is a smooth facet which is present  laterally in the upper part of tibia. It's exact location is just below the knee joint. Gerdy's tubercle is rightly adjacent to the proximal tibio fibular joint and this is the point for iliotibial tract to run downwards and forms the outside part of the thigh.

Gerdy's Tubercle Pain

Iliotibial band syndrome is the cause of pain in gerdy's tubercle. This syndrome occurs due to over usage of connective tissue in the iliotibial region i.e. outside of knee or lower leg. Iliotibial band syndrome causes severe pain at the point where gerdy's tubercle is located. Person with iliotibial band syndrome cannot run or walk properly because of pain. Along with pain, the outer part of knee may also show inflammation. If this syndrome left untreated, then it may lead to significant morbidity and even cessation of exercise for a longer time.

Gerdy's Tubercle Pain, Swelling, Palpation, Treatment

Gerdy's Tubercle Swelling

Swelling at the gerdy's tubercle may occur due to the iliotibial band friction syndrome. In this syndrome, due to over usage of connective tissue (which forms iliotibial band) may cause severe pain to the gerdy's tubercle and may result in swelling of the outer part of knee. Swelling in the gerdy's tubercle may also occur due to excessive accumulation of fluid in the space of knee around gerdy's tubercle. This accumulated fluid in the knee, may cause friction while working with knee and as a result swelling occurs.

Gerdy's Tubercle Palpation

Palpation is a technique to find out the exact location and severity of pain and swelling via patient's feedback. In this technique, physician touch the area of pain originating and ask patient side by side if he is feeling pain on touching and how much pain he is feeling. Usually the index finger and middle finger are used for touching and examination. The region if originating pain is slightly pressed with the fingers and check of there is any inflammation and swelling and pain. Palpation helps a lot in understanding the cause of pain and swelling in defined region.

Gerdy's Tubercle Treatment

Iliotibial band syndrome is the main cause behind any pain and inflammation and swelling in gerdy's tubercle so the initial treatment stretagy include rest, elevation, compression and ice pack application. Other than this, some anti inflammatory medications to relieve inflammation and swelling are also prescribed like naproxen and Ibuprofen. Patient should avoid using over the counter medications along with the prescribed ones as it may cause drug interaction. Other than these treatment stretagies, physical therapy also helps a lot as exercise may increase mobility if the gerdy's tubercle and helps in recovering fast from iliotibial band syndrome.
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