Hyperphagia Meaning, Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Hyperphagia is a condition which means excessive hunger. Hyper means increased and phagia is a suffix used for hunger. So hyperphagia means excessive hunger which is uncontrollable. Patient feels hunger most of the time and eating anything couldn't help him for more than a specific time period. The craving for food increases and patient feels helpless without eating. It is considered an emotional and mental health issue because it is related to the activities of brain. This is an abnormal increase in hunger.

Increased hunger is normal after a workout or a walk or any hard physical activity but feeling hunger all the time is not normal. The part of brain named hypothalamus when get damaged or does not function properly, then hyperphagia may occur because hypothalamus is responsible for controlling hunger. It increases hunger in an abnormal way that people start eating without biting or chewing food. This is not good for health of patient. It can affect both male and female. Hyperphagia may occur for a longer time duration or may occur after regular intervals. It depends upon the condition of hypothalamus. Overeating or unhealthy eating due to hyperphagia may cause obesity and patient may become over weight.

Hyperphagia Meaning, Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Hyperphagia Symptoms

The following symptoms are the common symptoms of hyperphagia:

  • Patient may eat without any limit and can eat everything whether he or she likes it or not. 
  • Patient desire about having fatty foods instead of healthy one. 
  • Patient always feel starved and look for something to eat. 
  • Disorder in eating manner can lead to abnormal hunger and patient does not feel satisfied even after eating. 
  • Patient feels severe nervousness due to hyperphagia. 
  • But during eating, person does not feel nervousness and feels less stress.
  • Anxiety disorder. 
  • Due to over eating, the level of cholesterol may increase abnormally. 

Hyperphagia Causes

Hyperphagia is related to the abnormality in hypothalamus. So various conditions related to abnormal functioning of hypothalamus may cause hyperphagia. Other than this hyperthyroidism is also responsible for causing hyperphagia. As in hyperthyroidism, the thyroid gland increases in size and increases metabolic activities as a result the patient feels hunger.

Hypoglycemia is another factor which is also considered a cause behind hyperphagia. In hypoglycemia, the glycemic level of blood become low and patient feels down and hungry. So increased starvation leads to abnormal and excessive eating. Sometimes it is secondary to medications like cyproheptadine and corticosteroids. Antidepressants also increase hunger.

Hyperphagia Treatment

The treatment totally depends upon the underlying cause of hyperphagia. If hyperphagia occurs due to some medications, then doctor may discontinue those medications. If the causative medicine is necessary for patient, than doctor will advise a low calorie diet plan for patient. Therapy is considered a most effective way of treating mental or emotional health issue i.e. hyperphagia. Psychological counseling is preferred in order to guide patient about controlling hunger. Patient is trained how to cope with his increased hunger.

Other than this, some guidelines are also given to patient about maintaining their blood sugar level.
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