Uvulectomy Definition, Procedure, Recovery, Pain, Cost

Uvulectomy is a surgical procedure which is performed to remove uvula from mouth. Uvula may be completely removed or partially removed. Uvula is a hanging soft mass present in the initial position of throat. It hangs downward from the throat. Uvula is a beneficial part of mouth but sometimes some complications require the removal of uvula I.e. uvulectomy. Uvula is an organ having bell shape. Uvula is Rich in moisture because it contains salivary glands which helps to make mouth moist. Uvula is of great help in making person how he articulate. Having a uvula will never make mouth dry.

Uvulectomy Procedure

Uvulectomy may be performed alone but it is mostly performed as a main part of  another procedure named uvulopalatopharyngoplasty UPPP. Both the above mentioned procedure have same purpose i.e. removal of the tissues blocking the airway. A local anesthesia is used to remove uvula. Basically it is performed for sleep apnea. Patient is asked to pull out his tongue and relax with an open jaw. Then sterilized surgical instruments are used to cut out either partial tissues of uvula which we're blocking the airways or complete tissue removal of uvula causing sleep apnea by blocking airways.

Uvulectomy Definition, Procedure, Recovery, Pain, Cost

Uvulectomy Recovery

Uvulectomy is a minor surgery if performed alone. Patients after removal of uvula may feel weird but after 2 to 3 days he'll be used to it. After surgery, the patient is prescribed with some pain killers. These pain killers help in relaxation and narrowing of muscles of throat and patient feels relaxed. Patient can go back to his routine activities within 1 to 2 weeks after surgery. After 2 to 3 weeks patient is allowed to take his meal he wants to. But complete recovery of uvulectomy requires 3 to 6 weeks. After 6 weeks patient is completely good.

Uvulectomy Pain

Uvula is a sensitive part of throat as a good source of moisture in mouth. As it contains glands responsible for causing moisture. So after uvulectomy patient may feel pain in throat. For that purpose, surgeon prescribe some pain killers so that patient feels less pain and pain killers also helps to relax muscles of throat along with narrowing of throat muscles. Liquid dosage form of pain killers is recommended first, with administration after every 3 to 4 hours. After 1 to 2 weeks, the frequency of dosage is decreased even it is recommended to take pain medication right before taking meal for easy swallowing.

Uvulectomy Cost

There isn't any proper intervention related to the cost of uvulectomy. It depends upon the region or location and country. The cost of uvulectomy also depends upon the hospital and surgeon. As an example, on a famous website named MD save, the cost for uvulectomy is 650 dollars. But there are also some cheap hospitals which offer uvulectomy in lower cost. About policy makers of determining uvulectomy a cost effective intervention, there isn't enough data available. Patient should survey in more than one hospital and then should select on the basis of hygienic conditions and cost.
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