Ashy Dermatosis Pictures, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

It is also called as a erthma dyschromicum perstans (EDP). It is a rare dermatosis. It is benign skin condition which acquires high pigmentation disorder and characterized by visualized bluish grey color macules of the lesions. These are round , oval irregular patches that are symmetrically distributed on the surface of face, neck and upper trunk and upper limbs of healthy individuals. It may affect any region of the body. Most commonly it affects the dark skin patients specially latin Americans and Indian.

Dermatosis include dermis,epidermis and subcutaneous tissue. It starts from trunk and then involve face and after that spread to extremities. Early lesions are reddish in color with raised borders and some how elevated. Sometimes it mostly considered as lichen variants. They mostly have a sequential distribution but in some cases they show unilateral pattern. Sometimes lichen planus may cause hyper pigmentation. It is basically cell mediated immune reaction to antigen that is located on basal and epidermal keratinocytes. It is slow progressive. It occurs at any age. They mostly appears frequently at young adult age.This condition does not typically treated in adults, but can be treated in children easily. They occur at equal frequency in both male and female.

Ashy Dermatosis Pictures

Ashy Dermatosis Pictures, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Ashy Dermatosis Symptoms

Initial condition is slowly increasing of macules with vary grey shade in body region. They start from trunk, involve face and then spread to extremity. Presence of bluish Grey macules and absence of erythmatous raised borders determine ashy dermatosis. They are also related to other inflammatory diseases. Abnormality in cell mediated immunity plays a major role in pathogenesis involvement of cell adhesion and activation molecules cause ashy dermatosis. Initially they appear as a slightly red margins. Itching in effected area starts after 1 week and persist for several week. It includes fever, malaise, headache, pruritis, mild transet anemia and leukopenia may develop.

Ashy Dermatosis Causes

It may occur Due to infections and infestations like hepatitis C virus infection, HIV infection and whipworm infection. Also due to Ingestion of ammonium nitrate and barium sulfate. Immunological response due to viral or worm infection cause hyper pigmentation. Study also revealed that weaker immune response also leads to ashy dermatosis. Major cause is degeneration of basal cells in epidermis leading to pigmentation, accumulation of melanocytes in dermis layer and infiltrated lymphocytes and histiocytes in dermis layer. Absence of basal cells and infiltrates cause hyper pigmentation. Lichen planus pigmentation, drug related dermatosis and occupational dermatosis with hyper pigmentation are also the common reason of ashy dermatosis.

Ashy Dermatosis Treatment

Topical agents like cosmetics and camouflage cream helps in decrease the appearance of lesions to  surroundings. Narrow band ultraviolet therapy is recommended for single use. Tacrolimus ointment is applied twice a day to affected areas, improvement shown after 3 weeks.

Systemic agents like clofazimine not only used in cosmetics but also producing a uniform colouring of skin that masks the pigmented area . Dapsone is used for good results. It is used as antibiotic and anti inflammatory. Vitamin A capsules are also prescribed and show good results, but patients mostly unable to follow the dose.

Anti Histamine, corticosteroids are used in ashy dermatosis.
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