Cardiac Cachexia Defenition, Symptoms, Causes, Life Expectancy, Treatment

Cardiac cachexia is a condition in which severe weight loss occurs due to cardiac diseases. Like in case of heart failure, patient losses excessive body fat. Not only body fat, he also loses bone mass and muscle mass. Body wasting is another term which describes cardiac cachexia. It is a one way disease, which if begins, can never be reversed. Even eating more and more doesn't help. Basically this disorder is associated with absorption and usage of nutrients and calories which patient consumes. It is a complex disorder and cannot be understand easily because even after eating can't fulfill muscle and bone mass.

Cardiac Cachexia Symptoms

Cardiac cachexia is associated with extreme weight loss. Severe weight loss can lead to death of patient. Common symptoms of cardiac cachexia involves:

  • Patient does not feel hungry any more.
  • Most of the time patient remains weak and tired.
  • Feels nausea most of the time.
  • Patient cannot perform exercise because of weakness
  • Shortness of breath
  • Taste of food changes.
  • Last but not least, constipation.

Some of the above listed symptoms, can make patient lose even more weight. These symptoms cause serious affect on gastrointestinal tract, lungs, mainly heart and other parts of body.

Cardiac Cachexia Defenition, Symptoms, Causes, Life Expectancy, Treatment

Cardiac Cachexia Causes

There are many beliefs regarding causes of cardiac cachexia. Some scientists think that it may occur secondary to imbalance in the nervous system. Because nervous system does not send messages about break down of food in gastrointestinal tract. Some common causes are enlisted below:
Congestive heart failure causes fluid accumulation. Ultimately it disturbs nutrients absorption.
Malnutrition disturbs the production of albumin which is necessary for chemicals transmission.
Body causes break down of muscles leading to fatigue.

This condition makes your body work hard and utilize energy to perform basic functions. So patient burns more calories causing weight loss.

Cardiac Cachexia Treatment

There are no specific medications for treatment of cardiac cachexia. Physician prescribe medications to treat the root cause. As if heart failure is the cause, then treating heart failure will ultimately reduce symptoms. Other than specific medications for the disease, patient is asked to do some physical activity like yoga and exercise. Patient have to follow his diet plan and should try to eat healthy food. Nutrient supplements are prescribed to fulfil the reduced amount of nutrients like vitamin C and vitamin D and folate. Some special medications are also prescribed to increase hunger of patient.

Cardiac Cachexia Life Expectancy

Cardiac cachexia is a life threatening condition. As it causes severe weight loss. Patient may lose his weight in the form of fats, muscle mass and bone mass. This weight loss is not healthy for patient as he loses all of his muscle mass. Excessive weakness will make patient seriously ill. In this condition patient does not feel hungry at all. So even eating more and more can't help gaining weight. After diagnosis this condition should be treated immediately. If it is left untreated, then patient may die due to weakness. So life expectancy is low with no appropriate treatment.
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