Fundal Massage Definition, Postpartum, After Delivery, Technique

Fundal massage is the massage of uterus. It is performed usually after delivery. It can also be called as uterine massage. Fundal massage helps a lot in reducing excessive bleeding after delivery or abortion. It is recommended because after delivery of an infant, the uterine muscles contract to get back to their non pregnant state. And this contraction causes pain. It is not that much difficult massage, anyone can perform it with a single hand. In this massage, the pubic bone is slightly pressed along with uterine fundus.

Fundus is the top most part of uterus. The other hand can be used in vagina to press slightly uterine arteries. Fundal massage should be performed regularly as regular massage of uterine fundus will help a lot in reducing pain. Also there will be rare chances of hemorrhage after post partum I.e. delivery and post abortion. Fundal massage is the most effective therapy and with this patient does not have to take uterotonics. Utrerotonics perform the same function as fundal massage do. Both of them tone up the uterine muscles. Uterotonics causes uterine contraction. Fundal massage helps to tone up muscles of uterine fundus which will be soft on touch not hard or firm.

Fundal Massage Definition, Postpartum, After Delivery, Technique

Fundal Massage Post Partum

Fundal massage is really important after delivery of an infant or abortion. Usually patient has to face excessive vaginal bleeding due to uterus hemorrhage, in that case fundal massage helps a lot in reducing the flow of vaginal blood. Some women use uterotonics instead of fundal massage. Both of them have same function I.e. toning up the muscles of uterus. But fundal massage has more benefits over uterotonics. As massage will leave uterine fundus more soft on touch instead of hard or firm. Fundal massage reduces uterine post partum or post abortion pain.

Fundal Massage After Delivery

When a women get pregnant, her uterus start expanding because of development of fetus. At the 9th month of pregnancy, it is fully expended. And expansion of uterine walls reverse after delivery or abortion. So when muscles try to contract and try to get back to their original position I.e. pre pregnancy position,  it causes severe pain. Sometimes this pain is unbearable and it spread in all pelvic part. At this point fundal massage is recommended. Fundal massage will help a lot in relaxing muscles of uterus and ultimately helps in reducing pain along with bleeding.

Fundal Massage Technique

Fund massage is not that much difficult task to perform. Nurses have to be careful about every point of muscles in body. In fundal massage, one hand is placed on the pubic bone and start pressing it softly. Gradually uterine fundus is pressed slightly with soft hands. It will help to relax patient. The other hand is used in vagina to slightly press the arteries of uterus. Compression of uterine arteries is not compulsory, but helps a lot. Soft hands should be used for massage otherwise hard touch will cause more pain and couldn't stop bleeding.
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