Osteitis Condensans ilii Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Osteitis condensans ilii is a condition in which the patient feels pain in the lower back. It is usually observed in women during pregnancy. It is the sclerosis of the ilium which is present adjacent to sacroiliac joint. It is bilateral or triangular in shape. Sometimes it is seen symmetrical in the radiological report. It causes severe pain in lower back region. Sometimes it becomes unbearable. The sacral region is not involved and the narrowing of space of joints can be seen easily in the radiological report and it shows the presence of osteitis condensans ilii in patient. Due to this report, unilateral disease is confirmed.

It is a non inflammatory disorder. There may be many reasons behind this sclerosis of iliac part of sacroiliac joint, but the most common one is the mechanical stress. This stress is normal during pregnancy and delivery. The iliac part of sacroiliac joint is basically the condensation of ilium which does not involve the joint space and sacral joint. This is a rare condition. It's diagnosis is also difficult.

Mostly people confuse it with another condition named axial spondyloarthritis. Axial spondyloarthritis is age dependent and usually occur after 45 years of age but osteitis condensans ilii is not age dependent it occurs usually during pregnancy.

Osteitis Condensans ilii Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Osteitis Condensans ilii Symptoms

Osteitis condensans ilii is the problem of iliac bone which is present adjacent to sacroiliac joint. It is located in the lower back of human. In osteitis condensans ilii, patient experiences severe pain in the lower back region. It occurs during pregnancy, so it becomes problematic for women to walk around comfortably or lie down calmly. Sometimes the pain becomes unbearable and needs emergency treatment. Usually the intensity of pain ranges from 1 to 2.5 percent. It is a scale to measure the intensity of pain.

Osteitis Condensans ilii Causes

It is the sclerosis of iliac bone present adjacent to sacroiliac joint in the lower back region of human. It may occur due to many reasons like mechanical stress. This may occur due to weight bearing of fetus during pregnancy. It may also occur due to any heavy weight lifting during pregnancy. Any kind of stress on iliac bone may cause osteitis condensans ilii in women and cause pain. It is common in women who have given birth to their babies. It can also occur in men. Nulliparous women are also affected.

Osteitis Condensans ilii Treatment

It is a benign condition and may resolve on it's own after some time. If it becomes unbearable then, physiotherapy is recommended for patients. Along with some physiotherapy, non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs are also prescribed. These medications help to cover up pain in back. Physiotherapy include some specific exercises to stretch and relax the iliac bone and associated muscles. If there is any deficiency of vitamin D in, diagnosed in patient, then vitamin D supplements are prescribed to overcome this deficiency. Pregnant women have to take rest completely and should not lift heavy weights. As these will help a lot in treating this condition.
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