Sirna Vs Shrna Similarities and Differences

What is Sirna?

Sirna is abbreviated as small interfering RNA. It is also termed as short interfering RNA or silencing RNA. Small interfering RNA i.e. sirna is a form of double stranded RNA. it has 20 to 25 base pairs. It is a lot like mirna. It usually operate within the RNA interference RNAi pathway. Sirna stands for small interfering ribonucleic acid. This is used for silencing of short term protein coding Genes. It is not a natural RNA strand but it is synthetic and is prepared to induce inside body. It is prepared specifically to Target a mRNA for its degradation.

It is also of great use in the induction of  knockdown of Genes in different lines of cells. It has a complementary nucleotide sequence which interferes in the expression of specific Genes. It degrades mRNA after the process of transcription to inhibit the process of translation. When we talk about the structure of sirna, it is a double stranded RNA which has almost 20 to 25 base pairs in which there are almost 5 ends are phosphorylated and 3 ends are hydroxylated.

These emds have two nucleotides overhanging to them. There is an enzyme named dicer enzyme which is responsible for the catalyzation of production of sirna from a long double stranded RNA and small hairpin RNA.

What is Shrna?

Shrna is abbreviated as small hairpin RNA or short hairpin RNA. It is a small sized artificial molecule of RNA. It is named so, because it has a tight haipin turn in it's structure. It is also used for the silencing of Gene expression by interfering in the RNA sequence. Usually the expressions due to shrna in cells is completed via the delivery of plasmids or via delivery of viral or bacterial vectors. It means it is encoded within the DNA vector and then introduced with the help of plasmids i.e. plasmids transfection.

Sirna Vs Shrna Similarities and Differences

Sirna vs Shrna Differences

Sirna is a small interesting RNA which is not natural but synthesized and is directly applied on target whereas shrna is the small hairpin RNA, it is a helical RNA which is to be cloned inside the vector and then with the help of plasmids, it is transferred into the target gene. It may be made into virus. Sirna has a short term knockdown but shrna is used for the long term knockdown. Basically shrna is the long term application of sirna.

Sirna vs Shrna Similarities

Sirna and shrna both are the tools for Gene silencing. Both of these are synthetic double stranded RNA which interferes in the expression of Genes. Shrna is basically the long term application of sirna. Both are used to knockdown the expression of Genes. Both of these double stranded RNA are synthesized to degrade the target mRNA after the process of transcription so that the translation process doesn't complete. Sirna and shrna are almost the same thing, they are prepared for the same purpose but the way of action and structure are a little bit different.
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