Pig Weed Allergy, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Pigweed is a plant which is the member of genus amaranthus. It belongs to family amaranthaceae. The family amaranthaceae consist of 170 genera and 2360 species. Some of these are weedy herbs and most of them are low or climbing shrubs. Talking about pigweed allergy, it is an adverse effect of immune system of body against pollen grains produced by pigweed plant. Whenever a pollen enters inside body, the body produces an antibody named immunoglobulin E (Ig E) and histamine. These two become activated against the antigen or pollen grain. It leads to a hyper sensitivity reaction.

Pigweed are annual plants which grow in late winter until summer. Pigweed is common in USA, Brazil, Europe, Mozambique, Korea, Mexico, Spain, Germany, Hungary and Spain. Pigweed is 2m in height. Patient suffering from pigweed allergy experience the same symptoms of asthma allergy. Patient feels shortness of breath. Pigweed pollen allergy is mostly observed in Arab areas and Mediterranean areas along with Indian areas. Profilin ama r 2 is the allergic pollen reported behind root cause. The sensitization rate is reported 33 percent with this pollen allergen. Profilins are the allergens of pigweed which are classified as panallergens. Panallergens are highly cross reactive.

Pig Weed Allergy Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Pigweed Allergy Symptoms

The pigweed allergy has the same symptoms like asthma allergy. Patient experience following symptoms in pigweed allergy.

  • Patient feels difficulty in breathing.
  • Itching in the chest region and in throat.
  • Patient experience sneezing and wheezing.
  • Headache is common with sneezing and nasal congestion.
  • Pain in whole sinus and increased problem in breathing.
  • Patient feels like he is not inhaling enough oxygen.
  • Runny nose and tears start falling out of eyes every time patient sneeze.
  • Patient feels itching in throat, nose and eyes.
  • Symptoms other than this include red eyes, cough, asthma, persistent upward rubbing of nose and sore throat.

Pigweed Allergy Causes

Pollen grains are the cause of pigweed allergy. The pollen grains have a specific season to fall off. These pollen grains are spheroidal in shape. These pollens contains 35 to 60 spores. Each has thin and granular exine. These are microscopic and cannot be seen with naked eye. Pollen grains of pigweed plant has 18 to 31 micrometer in diameter. Whenever these pollen grains enter in to the human body, the immune system becomes activated. In response to pollen allergen , immune system of human body start producing antibodies names immunoglobulin E I.e. Ig E.

Pigweed Allergy Treatment

Pigweed allergy is a hyper sensitivity reaction in body. So it can be treated with anti histamines. Anti histamines are the best available treatment of pollens of pigweed plant. Other than this, patient should avoid direct contact with pollen grains. Patient should avoid going to parks and highly green areas. Bronchodilators are also of great help in breathing properly. These medications are available in various dosage forms. They are also available in the form of nasal sprays and topical dosage form. Bronchodilators are widely used as inhalational pumps for proper breathing.
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