Corneal Infiltrates Images, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Healing, Time

Corneal infiltrates is the kind of ulcer. It is an epithelial defect which occurs due to inflammation. Inflammation may either occurs as a result of infection or without infection. Disruption of corneal epithelium occurs in corneal infiltrates. We can say that corneal infiltrates may lead to corneal ulcer. It is a rare disease. It can be diagnosed easily via visual inspection. Filtrates or ulcer can be clearly seen at the boundary of cornea. Eyes appear red in color. Corneal infiltrates do not involve systemic circulation and is associated with conjunctival mediators and tear film. Management of corneal infiltrates is necessary otherwise it can lead to further diseases.

Corneal Infiltrates Images

Corneal Infiltrates Images, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Healing Time

Corneal Infiltrates Symptoms

Corneal infiltrates or ulcer occurs as a result of inflammation in corneal epithelium. So inflammation of corneal epithelium is the most prominent sign. The affected eye appears red in color. The accumulated white blood cells are visible in the peripheral cornea of eye and this accumulation is termed as infiltrates. The corneal infiltrates on margin are small in size I.e. approximately 1mm around corneal border. It looks like Gray white circumlimbal lesions. It may be bilateral. In case of sterile marginal corneal infiltrates, the infiltrates are usually asymptomatic. But if symptoms present, mild quadratic conjunctival hyperemia is the commonest.

Corneal Infiltrates Causes

Whenever damage occurs in cornea, it leads to immune response. In case of corneal infiltrates, the immune response is acute. If the cause is infectious, then introduction of an external antigen directly into the eye can cause inflammation. During inflammation, the blood vessels dilate and white blood cells start accumulating in the cornea. Coalescence of white blood cells form infiltrates in cornea. While in case of non infectious corneal infiltrates, it can occur as a result of wearing contact lenses, trauma occurring after surgery, toxins produced by bacteria or any other toxic stimuli and any autoimmune disease.

Corneal Infiltrates Treatment

The treatment strategy of corneal infiltrates is designed on the basis of the cause. If inflammation occurs due to contact lenses, then it is considered a sterile inflammation. The cause may be infectious or non infectious I.e. sterile. So differentiation between sterile and infectious corneal infiltrates is necessary because the treatment is based on it. Antibiotics are prescribed in case of infectious corneal infiltrates. Later, topical corticosteroids are prescribed. In sterile corneal infiltrates, the patient have to avoid some things like wearing contacts, dust and direct sunlight.

Corneal Infiltrates Healing Time

Corneal infiltrates heal fast. Even if it is left untreated, it can easily recover within a week or two. Steroids used along with antibiotics helps to reduce the healing time. Steroids also helps to reduce chances of secondary infections. If corneal infiltrates occurs due to wearing contact lenses, then patient is advised to avoid using contact lenses until complete healing. Improving corneal hygiene, changed lens design and scheduled lens wearing also helps a lot in minimizing healing time. The drug therapy used along with elimination of the initial stimulus contribute a lot in healing process.
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