Long Philtrum Female & Male Causes, Surgery|Celebrities with Long Philtrum

Philtrum is the part lies between lips and nose. It is located at the upper lips region. Philtrum size is according to the face of an organism. Long philtrum is a condition in which the size or we can say length of philtrum is longer than usual. The long philtrum is usually present in older people. It is considered that long philtrum is the sign of old age and short or usual philtrum is the sign of youth. Other than age, long Philtrum may be due to some diseases. It is not a pathological condition so there aren't any systemic symptoms related to it.

Long Philtrum Female & Male Causes, SurgeryCelebrities with Long Philtrum

Long Philtrum In Females

Long philtrum in females is observed in the same ratio with males. Every human has different face structure. Females with long philtrum are more dedicated towards surgical reconstruction. This is so because women are more curious about their beauty. Women believe that short philtrum is the sign of beauty, so they prefer surgery. Females who cannot afford surgical reconstruction, shorten their philtrum with the help of make up products. There are also some home remedies available on internet to shorten the size of philtrum. Women use these remedies to look beautiful.

Long Philtrum Males

Long philtrum in males is also present but in the same ratio with females. Some men look attractive with long philtrum. Long philtrum is the sign of older age and men usually prefer to look old so they do not prefer surgical reconstruction. There are number of celebrities who has long philtrum , and they all look cool and beautiful. Sometimes men with long philtrum try to cover it with surgery, if it looks really odd and affecting their looks. But still we can say women are more conscious about their beauty as compared to men so surgery is mostly performed in women.

Long Philtrum Causes

Long philtrum is not a pathological condition. It is a normal condition. There are some diseases which lead to longer philtrum. Long philtrum is counted as a sign or a symptom of the specified diseases. All the possible anomalies related to long philtrum are as follows.

  • Weaver syndrome (it is a genetic disease)
  • Freeman shelder syndrome.
  • Fryns syndrome.
  • Valproate embryopathy. ( It may show long flattened philtrum).
  • Cornelia de Lange syndrome.
  • Femoral hypoplasia unusual facies syndrome.
  • Aarskog syndrome.
  • DiGeorge syndrome.

All the above mentioned anomalies have long philtrum in common as a symptom.

Long Philtrum Surgery

Philtrum reduction surgery is also known as upper lip lift surgery. This surgery makes the philtrum short and also makes people beautiful. This surgery lift up the upper lip making teeth prominent. The surgery is performed by making an incision at the connection between alar margin and columella bottom. 0.5 to 0.8 cm of skin is excised. Now the lower end is lifted upwards and stitched to ala nasi and columella base. The upper lip and mouth corners are lifted with this surgery and patient looks young. The surgery may leave scar of the incision.

Celebrities With Long Philtrum

There are some celebrities with long philtrum and they don't find it offensive against their beauty. They are okay with long philtrum. Some of the famous celebrities are Zac effron, Mischa Barton and Cavill. They all look cool with long philtrum and do not need surgical reconstruction. Some known celebrities have gone through surgery so that they can look attractive and young. Josh hartnett, Brad Pitt, Christian bale, George clooney and Colin Farrell are the celebrities with naturally long philtrum. There is a long list of celebrities who have undergone various plastic surgeries just to be beautiful and for their face lifting, philtrum reduction surgery is one of them.
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