Werlhof's Disease Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Werlhof's disease is also known as thrombocytopenic purpura. It is a pathological disease which occurs due to aggregation of the platelets before specified time. Aggregation is the process in which the platelets are combined together and it is the 1st stage of thrombus formation. A specific type of rash occurs on skin with higher chances of bleeding. This disease most commonly occurs in children. Sometimes It also occurs in adults. In this disease the skin of the baby shows hemorrhages on surface without any reason.

The appearance of hemorrhage on skin surface is considered the 1st alarming symptom of werlhof's disease. This disease is not confined to the specific gender. It is calculated that in every 100 cases of skin disease, the chances of werlhof's disease is 1 to 2 percent. The exact cause behind this disease is still unknown. There are different belief regarding its root cause. The appearance of werlhof's disease resembles many other diseases so accurate diagnosis is required. There are different steps of diagnosis like physician have to analyze the clinical picture of the disease. After that detection is continued to inspection. After these three steps, some endothelial tests are carried out which are mandatory.

Werlhof's Disease Symptoms

The symptoms of werlhof's disease depends upon the cause behind it. If this disease occurs due to a lesion, then clogging of capillaries takes place. In this case, the following symptoms are usually observed. There is reduction in the platelets count per unit volume of plasma. It is observed because platelets play a vital role in blood clotting. This disease is largely associated with ischemic disorders because of inappropriate supply of blood due to aggregation. The vital organs of body are mainly affected. Patient feels fast fatigue, pain in the head, poor appetite and decreased body tone.

Werlhof's Disease Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Werlhof's Disease Causes

The exact cause behind this disease is still unknown. Some doctors think that it is a hereditary character which pass on to children from their parents. This disease may occur due to reduction in number of blood cell I.e. platelets and this reduction results from mutation. Any problem in the immune system may also cause this disease. In defective immune system, the protective ability of body is decreased against foreign pathogen and as a result werlhof's disease occurs. Other than these there are different myths about its cause. But the exact cause is still unknown and under dispute.

Werlhof's Disease Treatment

The treatment is designed according to the stage of disease. There are two options either to treat it with medicines or surgery can be performed. Surgery is the last option when medications are of no use. The medications used for the treatment of corticosteroid hormones and immunosuppressants are preferred for werlhof's disease. Here are some examples like prednisolone hemisuccinate, honey Mead, salt decorin N 250, prednisolone, prednisole and decartine N 20. The strength and dosages of these medications is according to the stage of disease. In surgical procedure, the spleen is removed from body.
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