Boggy Uterus Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

In boggy uterus, uterus looks loose or more flaccid than usually it should be. Boggy uterus may be associated with two main conditions named uterine atony and adenomyosis. Uterine atony is the condition in which uterus loses its natural shape or tone. The muscles become loose and the natural shape of uterus disturbs. While in adenomyosis, the endometrium extends outward. Endometrium is the lining which covers the uterus. The extended endometrium get into the outermost covering named myometrium.

Myometrium consists of fibrous and muscular tissues. Boggy uterus causes problem during pregnancy. When endometrial mass does not flow out of body during menses, it will start accumulating inside myometrium and results in swelling of uterus. Patient may also feel muscle cramps. Boggy uterus does not complicate the pregnancy in fact in some cases women do not even have idea about their boggy uterus during pregnancy.

The symptoms of boggy uterus involve vaginal bleeding and cramps. Initial symptoms of boggy uterus involve pain during sexual intercourse, painful bowel movements and pain during menstrual flow. Blood comes out from vagina in the form of blood clots. In some cases it is asymptomatic and cannot be diagnosed without physical examination. Boggy uterus can be diagnosed by touching lower belly with fingers.

Boggy Uterus Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Boggy Uterus Causes

Boggy uterus have two main leading causes 1st one is uterine atony and 2nd one is adenomyosis. In adenomyosis, glandular de arrangement of uterine muscles leads to boggy uterus. It is considered the common cause of all uterine problems after the age of 30 years. About 20 percent of women with adenomyosis have boggy uterus. The exact reason is still unknown but the abnormality in barrier separating endometrium and myometrium causes endometrium to get into myometrium causing adenomyosis and ultimately boggy uterus. In case of uterine atony, muscular abnormality leads to boggy uterus.

Boggy Uterus Symptoms

As boggy uterus appears more loose or flaccid than normally it should be. Other symptoms include vaginal bleeding as occurs during menstruation, Pain during menstruation, muscle cramps with severe pain and painful sexual intercourse. Uterus appear larger and de shaped than usual. Blood comes out in the form of heavy clots. Most of the time boggy uterus is asymptomatic but if it show symptoms then it's diagnosis will be easy. If it occurs during pregnancy, it do not harm the fetus but bleeding do not stop. This may lead to anemia and can affect fetus.

Boggy Uterus Treatment

Initial diagnosis of boggy uterus does not require any treatment. If mild symptoms appear, then painkilling medications are recommended to relief pain and other symptoms. Birth control pills are also used. No surgery is recommended in case of mild symptoms. But if pain becomes unbearable and uterus appears de shaped, then hysterectomy is highly recommended. Hysterectomy is performed in women near to menopause. Other than these treatment strategies, some hormonal therapy is also used like gonadotropin releasing agents like Lupron. These gonadotropin releasing agents will contract uterus and stop menstruation. But there are high chances of recurrence of boggy uterus after therapy discontinuation.
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