Dhat Syndrome Meaning, Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Dhat syndrome is described as premature ejaculation or impotence in men. It is common in indian subcontinent. In indian subcontinent culture, men reported that they pass semen in their urine. There isn't any organic cause behind this syndrome. Semen is a vital fluid which discharges during masturbation and sex. Semen discharge occurs as a result of anxiety and depression. In rare cases, men report about semen discharge during urination. It may be due to excessive or increased masturbation frequency in men. It is a people diagnostic parameter which is observed to calculate level of anxiety and depression related to semen discharge in urine. In dhat syndrome, men observe discoloration of urine, feels weakness along with exhaustion.

Dhat syndrome is considered to be bound with Indian culture and termed as culture bound syndrome. Dhat syndrome may show association with some post orgasmic diseases like headache after sex, post orgasmic illness syndrome and post coital tristesse. Dhat syndrome was 1st found in indian Sanskrit named dhatu. Dhat syndrome shows some vague psychosomatic symptoms like loss of appetite, weakness, fatigue, sexual dysfunction and light headedness. Anxiety and guilt are the commonest symptoms. Patient loss semen in nocturnal emission via urine or masturbation. In some cases, men report dhat syndrome in the form of drops.

Dhat Syndrome Meaning, Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Dhat Syndrome Symptoms

Dhat syndrome commonly occurs in men but it can also occur in females. Both of them show same symptoms. In men, semen got discharge via urine or masturbation. But in case of females, it discharges in the form of leucorrhea or excessive vaginal discharge. Semen is a vital fluid. Other than weakness and Impotence patients usually show following symptoms e.g weakness, early signs of fatigue, insomnia, guilt, low mood, palpitations and anxiety. In man, the size of penis becomes small. And shortness of penis is associated with dysphotic and anxious mood state.

Shut Syndrome Causes

Dhat syndrome is a cultural bound syndrome. Which was 1st described in dhatu named indian Sanskrit. Patient excretes out semen via urine and excessive masturbation. Patients with dhat syndrome feels weakness in body. It may occur in response to some post orgasmic diseases. These diseases include headache after or during sexual activity, post orgasmic illness syndrome (in which weak was occurs in patient after semen discharge via masturbation) and post coital   tristesse. It is not generic and does not transfer from 1 individual to 2nd. It is a common syndrome in specific Indian Sanskrit.

Dhat Syndrome Treatment

The only treatment which is recommended is cognitive behavioral therapy. It is the most effective treatment choice. Cognitive behavioral therapy is considered safe and effective therapy for dhat syndrome. Patient needs proper counseling about syndrome and it's effects and outcomes. As it can occur due to anxiety and depression. So OTC pain killers are prescribed to release stress. Patient feels good and light weight after cognitive behavioral therapy and proper counseling. Patient have to modify his sex life routine as increased frequency of masturbation or sex can again initiate dhat syndrome.
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